Finpari Minimum Deposit

Finpari Minimum DepositThe Finpari minimum deposit combines low minimum requirements with high rewards. Traders can use this combination to get a cheap start and a powerful boost to their trading careers, possibly accelerating their way to financial independence by years.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The Finpari minimum deposit requirements for each withdrawal method,
  • The Finpari minimum deposit requirements for a higher bonus, and
  • How the Finpari minimum deposit compares to other brokers’ minimum deposit.

With this knowledge, you will be able to handle the Finpari minimum deposit effectively.

Finpari minimum deposit for depending on your deposit method

The absolute Finpari minimum deposit is $250. That means, whenever you want to put money into your account, you have to deposit at least $250 or your deposit will be booked back.

The $250 minimum deposit applies to all of Finpari’s deposit methods. Regardless of whether you deposit via credit card / debit card, wire transfer, or online payment provider, you always get the same minimum deposit requirement.

For fixed income accounts, the minimum deposit is $500. The fixed income account is an account type that pays you a fixed return on your account balance in addition to your trading results. For such a system to make sense, it requires a higher account balance, which is why it requires a higher minimum deposit.

Finpari minimum deposit for a higher account type

Aside from the absolute minimum deposit, new customers of Finpari have to keep an eye out for the minimum deposit requirements of each account type. When you deposit more money, you get a better account type, which comes with a higher deposit bonus and more non-material bonuses. Especially the steps in this model can make you a lot of completely risk-free money.

To understand why and how to account for the Finpari bonus when making your first deposit, take a look at Finpari’s bonus structure.

  • $250 – $999:                        Bronze account, 20 percent bonus
  • $1,000 – $2,999:                Silber account, 50 percent bonus
  • More than $3,000:           Gold account, 100 percent bonus

As you can see, there are some big jumps in this structure. If you deposit $999, depositing $1 more would elevate you from a 20 percent bonus to the 50 percent bonus. While such small increments hardly ever play a role in real life trading, an example can clarify the importance of considering the minimum investment of each bonus.

  • If you deposit $900, you will get the 20 percent bonus and a final account balance of $1,080.
  • If you save an extra $100 and invest $1,000, you will get the 50 percent bonus and a final account balance of $1,500.

In this example, a simple $100 investment would result in a return of $500. This is a profit of $400 and a 400 percent gain on a completely risk-free investment. There is nothing that can go wrong; you know you will make the profit. Consequently, it is free money you should not miss out on.

Higher account types also come with more immaterial bonuses. Starting with the silver account, you get three risk-free trades, master class web sessions, and trading protection. The gold account further improves these bonuses, for example adding an account manager and a Swiss prepaid card.

These bonuses can further increase your profits and trading convenience. So if you are close to getting the next higher account type, find a way to get the extra money you need. It will be worth it.

The Finpari minimum deposit compared to other brokers

Compared to other brokers, the Finpari minimum deposit has a number of advantages.

Low minimum deposit for higher account types

Finpari offers their customers a 100 percent bonus for as little as $3,000. Even a $1,000 deposit will get you a 50 percent bonus. These minimum deposit requirements are incredibly low. Compared to most other brokers, Finpari allows you to get the same bonus for half or even one-third of the money.

Such a minimum deposit policy is especially great for new traders and traders with limited money. These traders can use the Finpari bonus to get the boost they need. With a 100 percent bonus, they could double their money immediately and speed up their trading career considerably.

One minimum deposit for all deposit methods

The Finpari minimum deposit policy is refreshing because it grants you the same minimum deposit for all deposit methods. Other brokers often use different minimum deposits for each deposit method, trying to coerce you into using the deposit method that is best for them. For you, however, these policies add only unnecessary hassle and complications.

With Finpari, on the other hand, there is only one number you have to remember: $250. This minimum deposit works for all deposit methods, granting you freedom and easy usability, making your deposits simpler and quicker.


Finpari’s minimum deposit combines low minimum requirements with high rewards. Traders can use this combination to get a cheap start and a powerful boost. This combination is unique in the world of financial investments, and you would be smart to make good use of it.

If you want to get started with Finpari, follow the one of the links we provided for you and open your account now!


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