GTOptions Affiliate

GTOptions Affiliate -logoDo you want to make money while helping your friends, followers, or readers? Then the GTOptions affiliate program might be perfect for you.

How to become a GTOptions affiliate

Binary options trading is a rewarding activity. With an affiliate program, you can double your rewards while helping your friends, readers, or social media followers out.

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An affiliate program works on a simple premise: You refer a new customer to a business and they reward you in return. Adapted to binary options, this means that you find a new trader who signs up with a broker, and the broker pays you money as a thank you.

There are, however, plenty of different possibilities to become involved in this process. You can become an introducing broker for GTOptions, you can join GTOptions‘ refer a friend program, or you can start your own white label broker with the help of GTOptions.

The simplest way of becoming an affiliate is the introducing broker program. It allows you to refer friends, blog readers, and social media followers to GTOptions and get a reward in return. The size of your exact reward depends on how active your friends trade – the more active your friends trade, the more you get in return.

This system is a nice twist to what binary options brokers usually offer. Conventionally, binary option brokers pay you a fixed amount per referred customer. When you refer actively trading new customers, GTOptions model is a significant advantage for you that allows you to share the rewards of delivering a new, active customer.

The second option to become a GTOptions affiliate is the white label program. The white label program allows you to open your own binary option broker based on GTOptions’ trading platform. You do the branding, you get the customers, and GTOptions takes care of all the actual trading process, the customer service, and the banking process.

If you know how to create an online audience, the white label program is perfect for you. All you need to do is find the customers, and GTOptions will take of the rest. You can sit back and reap the rewards.

Finally, the refer a friend program allows your friends to share the benefits of your referral. Depending on how much money your friends deposits with GTOptions, they will receive a bonus on their deposit. Be aware, though, that this bonus cancels GTOptions’ usual deposit bonus. Since your friends do not need to claim the bonus, they can decide which option works better for them.


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