GTOptions Binary Options

GTOptions Binary Options - logoAre you looking for a binary options trader that offers a wide array of binary option types? Then trading with GTOptions binary options might be just right for you.

The GTOptions Binary Options varieties

GTOptions offers four different binary options types. Those types are:

Short term options

The classic binary options type, better known as high / low options. GTOptions’ short term options require you to predict whether an asset’s price will rise or fall over a certain period of time. You can choose this period of time from 20 minutes to a few hours.

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Long term options

Long term options work exactly the same way as short term options, only on a larger time scale. You still have to predict whether an asset’s price will rise or fall over a given period of time, but in this case, the time period is from the end of the current day to the end of the month and even longer.

Long term options are the perfect form of investment when you want to trade fundamental market developments. The economy is in disarray and you are sure that the stock index will fall over the next month? With long term options you can trade this prediction with a return of 80%. No other type of asset could offer similar returns on the same prediction.

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Pair options

With pair options, you can trade two assets in relation to each other. Instead of having to predict whether one asset will rise or fall, you can now predict which of two assets will perform better over a given period of time.

This type of trading is a great advantage. There are many market environments when it is hard to predict whether an asset will rise or fall, but it is easy to predict that one asset will outperform the other this day. With GTOptions’ pair options, you can take advantage of these environments.

One touch options

One touch options are fundamentally different from GTOptions’ other option types. Instead of having to predict where the market will end up after your option expires, you have to predict what the market will do before your option expires.

More precisely, you have to predict whether the market will reach a certain price or not. If the market reaches this target price at least once, you will win your option. Since the target price is usually relatively far away from the current market price, one touch options offer high payouts of up to 500%.


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