GTOptions Bonus

GTOptions Bonus - logoAre you looking for a high deposit bonus, even though you are only depositing a small amount? Then the GTOptions bonus is perfect for you.

How to get the GTOptions bonus

As any binary options broker, GTOptions’ bonus is tied to their account model. While other binary options brokers use many different account types with a different bonus for each one of them, GTOptions only uses two different accounts, with the same bonus modalities for each of them.

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This difference is significant – it makes GTOptions bonus system not only simpler to understand but also more rewarding to new traders who deposit less money. GTOptions offers a 100% deposit bonus to all traders with a maximum bonus of $5,000.

This means, if you deposit $25,000, you will still only get a $5,000 bonus. Since only very few brokers will start their careers with a deposit of $25,000, however, this disadvantage is neglectable. It is a necessary hedging tool against paying too high bonuses of $200,000 or more.

Most traders will start their career with a small investment of maybe $500 or $1,000. With these or similar amounts, GTOptions bonus model has huge advantages for you.

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With many other brokers, these small amounts would not even qualify for the lowest account type, thereby denying you a deposit altogether. With other brokers, you might qualify for the lowest account type, but this account type would only get you a 20% or maybe a 40% deposit bonus. While any additional money is nice, adding 20% to an already small investment will not make much of a difference.

With GTOptions, on the other hand, even small deposits of only a few hundred Dollars will guarantee you their 100% deposit bonus. Depending on which broker you would have registered with otherwise, this is gain of somewhere between 60% and 100% – an 80% average.

In addition to this already great deposit bonus, GTOptions offers a second bonus for traders who deposit more than $5,000. After you started trading for a while, GTOptions will reward you with an additional 50% on your initial deposit, thereby increasing the deposit bonus to 150%.

All you need to do to get the bonus is invest your starting capital 40 times. If you deposited $5,000, this means you need to invest $200,000 overall. While this sounds like a huge amount at first, binary options are quick trading style that allows for many investments per trading day. Depending on your trading strategy, you can easily reach the required 40 times trading volume within a few months.


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