IQ Option robot tournament

IQ Option robot tournamentIQ Option robots are the hot new thing in the binary options world. Now IQ Option even started to offer IQ Option robot tournament in which IQ Option customers can have their robots compete with each other. In this article, we will take a close look at these tournaments and analyze how they help you to make more money. In detail, we will look at these aspects of IQ Option robots tournaments:

  • What are IQ Option robots?
  • How do IQ Option robot tournaments work?
  • What are the rules of the current IQ Option robot tournament?
  • Why should I enter an IQ Option tournament?

With the answers to these questions, you will know everything you need to know about IQ Option robot tournaments, and you will be able to use IQ Option tournaments to improve your trading results.

What are IQ Option robots?

Obviously, the first step to understanding IQ Option robot tournaments is understanding IQ Option robots. So let’s take a quick look at how they work.

IQ Option robots are programs that trade for you automatically. The robot analyzes the market for you, finds trading opportunities and invest autonomously. All you have to do is check back every few days and adjust your investment per trade. The rest of the time, you can literally make money while you sleep.

Of course, IQ Option robots are not the first tool that allows you to automate your trading. They are, however, the best.

Historically, robots were made by third-party providers, cost a lot of money, and worked only badly with most brokers. Additionally, you had to pay a monthly fee for these robots and sometimes fell for a scam robot that was unable to make money. Alternatively, you could also program your own robot, which required years of learning the programming language and testing the robot – an investment only a few traders were able to make.

With IQ Option robots, all of these problems are a thing of the past. You can design your own robot in a simple drag-and-drop style, which is something every trader can do without having to learn a programming language first. Simply pick an indicator to create signals, a money management strategy, and get started.

Using the robot is completely free, and you do not have to fear any scams – there are no disadvantages to IQ Option robots.

Alternatively, you can also copy an existing robot from another trader. Since every robot is listed on the IQ Option website with its winning percentage and the amount of money it made, making an educated choice on which robot is right for you is easy.

There are, however, many advantages.

  • IQ Option robots never get tired, which means that they can trade all day for you and never miss a trading opportunity. You increase your profit and decrease your risk simultaneously.
  • IQ Option robots never make mistakes, which increases your winning percentage and decreases your risk.
  • IQ Option robots can trade profitably from the start and can spare you the need of having to master technical analysis, which saves you from the need of having to waste money on rookie mistakes.
  • IQ Option robots can reduce the time you have to invest into your trading to a minimum.

No other binary options trading tool offers so many advantages without having a single disadvantage. Combining increased profitability, decreased risk, and unmatched comfort, it is easy to see why IQ Option robots the talk of the binary options world right now.

How does the IQ Option robot tournament work?

Okay, so far we have established that IQ Option robots are a great thing. But what are the tournaments and why should you enter them? Let’s answer these questions.

IQ Option tournaments are a way for you to let your robot compete with creations of other brokers. Tournaments typically run one month and follow predefined rules. So far, all tournaments accepted all types of robots and judged them separately by their efficiency and overall profit.

This means you can enter a tournament with strategies:

  1. You can try to create the most efficient robot. This would be a robot that makes a high percentage of profit on an average trade, which would require the robot to look for secure trading opportunities and make fewer but higher-percentage trades.
  2. You can try to make the most money overall. This would be a robot that makes as much trade as possible while maintaining a positive winning expectancy. Simply put, winning 70 percent of 50 trades is more profitable than winning 80 percent of 20 trades. To make the most money overall, you have to push this relationship to the extreme.

When you enter an IQ Option robot tournament, you can maximize your profit by creating a robot that aims at either extreme. With a robot that is somewhere in between, you are unlikely to win either category.

Rules of the current IQ Option robot tournament

The current IQ Option tournament has very simple rules: you enter your robot, and the best robots receive a reward. There a no limitations to which type of robot you can enter – you can do anything you want.

There are two categories by which IQ Option judges the quality of your robot:

  1. Efficiency: How much money does your robot make per trade?
  2. Overall profit: How much money does your robot make in total?

In both categories, the first-placed robots get a price money of $2,000, the second-placed robots get a price money of $1,000, and the third-placed robots get a price money of $500.

These prices are worth less than having a great robot to trade for you, but they can add a great boost to your trading career. With IQ Option, you can open an account for only $10, the lowest minimum investment requirement you can find anywhere. Consequently, you can enter the IQ Option robots tournament for only $10, win from $2,000 to $500 and take it from there.

For traders that understand the financial markets well but lack the necessary money to invest big, the IQ Option robots tournament can be the ideal place to start their trading career and get a free boost. Even if things fail to work out, you have lost only $10, which is a small risk compared to the chance of winning $2,000.

Future tournaments will have different rules, but you can generally expect all of them to follow the same basic system. The best robots get a reward, but there might be a special contest where you can enter only a specific type of robot or are allowed to trade only specific assets.

Why should I enter an IQ Option robot tournament?

Now that you know what IQ Option robots tournaments are, we have to answer the next big question: why should you enter one? What do you have to gain by competing your robot against other robots? Well there are mainly three things that you can gain:

1. You can earn a lot of money
As we have pointed pout already, IQ Option robot tournaments offer quite a lot of price money. Since anybody can enter these tournaments as long as they have a standard account with IQ Option, the entry requirements are low and cheap.

You can get the IQ Option standard account for a minimum deposit of $10, which is something everybody can afford. As long as you know how to create a profitable robot, a $10 investment can provide you with a lifetime of competitions with thousands of Dollars in price money.

All you have to do is create a robot that turns a profit. Let this robot run, and enter each new tournament that IQ Option offers. Maybe you get lucky someday and win $2,000, which would provide a significant boost to your trading career and allow you to trade with the pros.

2. You can find out what your robot is worth
If you want to make money with binary options, the important thing to understand is that you are competing against other brokers. IQ Option robot tournaments can be a good indication of where you stand in this competition.

To drive this point home, think about how a binary options broker makes money. Binary options brokers have hundreds of thousands of traders trading with them. At any time, some of these traders make money and some lose money. As all this money shifts from one side to the other, the broker takes a small cut. For this money to keep streaming in, it is necessary that your broker makes some traders rich and some lose money.

The key to making money with binary options, therefore, is not to find magic new trading strategies. It is to trade better than most other brokers.

IQ Option robot tournaments provide you with a realistic indication for whether your robot can accomplish this goal. Since you can get an account for as little as $10, you can test the qualities of your robot with almost no risk.

If your robot performs well, you can increase your investment knowing that you are on the right way. Having this added security before you invest big can be a great advantage that helps you sleep well at night.

3. You can have a little fun
Trading is a great hobby, but it can be lonely at times. When a trader is sitting in front of their screen or mobile phone all day, it can be difficult to feel a connection to other traders or the world as a whole. IQ Option robots tournaments can solve this problem.

In IQ Option’s tournaments traders from all around the world come together to compete against each other. These tournaments can give you a great sense of community. You can enjoy the competition but also learn from other traders and the advancements they made. Together, you can find the key to making money and beating the traders that are too lazy to join such tournaments.



IQ Option robot tournaments are a great tool that can help you enter the world of IQ Option robots successfully. IQ Option robots are such a great tool to automate your trading, to minimize your risk, and to maximize your profit, that getting tournaments that make getting started easy is an invaluable advantage.

IQ Option robots tournaments have three main advantages:

  1. You can earn a lot of money,
  2. You can find out what your robot is worth, and
  3. You can have a little fun.

Combined, these three advantages make IQ Option robot tournaments a powerful tool for all traders. If you are looking for an interesting tool that can help you get rich, we suggest you give IQ Option robots tournaments a try. To enter a tournament, follow one of our links to the IQ Option sign-up form. Fill out and send the form, and deposit money into your account. The whole process takes less than a few minutes, and you complete it for a minimum investment of $10.

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