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Do you want to trade one of the largest selection of assets in binary options? Then Magnum Options assets might be perfect for you. See their highlights here.

The Magnum Options assets

Magnum Options offers assets from five categories:

  • Stocks,
  • Indices,
  • Commodities,
  • Currencies,
  • Pairs.

In these categories, there are a few highlights you should take a closer look on:

Pair options: Pair options allow you to trade two assets in relation to each other. In many market environments, pair options allow for much safer predictions than high / low options, because they do not require you to predict whether a single asset will rise or fall – you only need to predict which of the two assets in the pair will rise or fall more.

Bitcoin/USD: Many binary options traders are web-savy people and therefore know about Bitcoin. With Magnum Options, you can translate this knowledge into money by directly trading Bitcoin vs. the US Dollar.

Long list of stocks from all over the world: Magnum Options offers a whopping 136 stocks to invest in with binary options. This list is twice, often even triple, of what most other brokers offer. Wherever you are from, with Magnum Options you can surely find a stock from your home market to invest in, and a stock from each time zone you want to trade.

Indices from all around the world: To accompany their large selection of stocks, Magnum Options offers 75 indices to invest in, covering every major index and many smaller indices from everywhere in the world. Regardless of where you live, Magnum options very likely also offers the index of your home country.

Small commodities: While offering big commodities such as gold, silver, and oil, Magnum Options also allows you to invest in smaller commodities such as wheat and sugar. Finding a binary options broker that offers these commodities can be difficult. If you plan to invest in sugar, wheat, etc., Magnum Options is worth a try.

Government bonds: Somewhat hidden amongst Magnum Options’ long list of indices, there are government bonds for you to invest in, for example the German 10 year bond. Government bonds often respond to fundamental influences such as a financial crises or increasing government debt, thereby making them the perfect asset to trade with a news based trading strategy.

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