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Are you looking for a new, innovative way to make more money with binary options? Then Magnum Options ladder options are what you need.

How to trade with Magnum Options ladder options

Classic binary options types cover almost every possible trading scenario: High / low options allow you to make safe predictions, one touch options are the high risk, high reward type, and pair options allow you to trade two assets in relation to each other.

There are, however, a few market environments where all classic binary options types are ineffective. In a slow market environment with no clear direction, for example, it is difficult to predict whether the market will rise or fall. At the same time it impossible to trade a one touch option, which would require a more volatile market.

Similarly, when you expect a very strong movement, your only option is a one touch option. What if, however, you are certain that the market will not only touch the target price, but remain above it? Since you are offering a more detailed prediction, you should get a higher reward if you are right.

Ladder options are the perfect tool to take advantage of both types of markets. Ladder options define target market prices and allow you to predict whether the market will close above or below them when your option expires. Depending on how far each target price is from the current market price, you will receive a higher or lower payout.

In a slow market, you could simply take a target price that is a little over the current market price and predict that the market will close below the target price. Since the market is unlikely to move very far, you have a good chance that it will remain below your target price and you will win your option.

If you expect a strong movement, you could take a faraway target price and predict that the market will close above this price. With this strategy, you can get payouts of up to 1,500% – more than you can get with any other binary options type.

Both techniques expand your binary options trading possibilities significantly. When used correctly, they can help you make profits in market where you could not trade any other option type, or increase your profits when trading the same situation.

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