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Are you looking for a trustworthy binary option broker? Find out what Magnum Options has to offer you with the Magnum Options test.

The big Magnum Options test

To help you decide whether Magnum Options is right for you, let us put them to the test. Do they offer what you need to become a successful binary options trader? Let us find out in this Magnum Options test:

Does Magnum Options offer the right assets?

To become a successful binary options trader, you need the right types of assets to take advantage of trends in every market. Magnum Options offers perfect trading conditions in this aspect. With more than 130 stocks and 75 indices to invest, Magnum Options offers the largest selection of any binary options broker. Regardless of which asset you want to trade, if Magnum Options does not offer this asset, nobody does.

Grade: A+

Does Magnum Options offer the right binary options types?

To take advantage of a development in an asset, you need the right binary options types. Magnum Options scores full points in this section, too.

Offering all the standard selection of binary options types – high / low options, one touch options, 60 seconds options, and long term options – Magnum Options also offers three innovative binary options types that allow you to profit from even more market environments and employ new trading strategies: Ladder options, iFollow options, and pair options.

Ladder options allow you to predict whether the market will close above or below five different price levels. Depending on how far these price levels are from the current market price, you can get a higher or lower payout, reaching up to 1,500%, the most of any binary options types.

iFollow options allow you to copy the trades of a professional binary options trader, thereby enabling even new traders to make money with binary options without having to do anything. Pair options enable you to invest in two assets in relation to each other, having to predict which asset will outperform the other.

With this wide array of binary option types, you are perfectly prepared to trade any market environment and make high profits in any situation.

Grade: A

Does Magnum Options offer quick, good, and secure banking?

Magnum Options offers three payment methods: Credit card / debit card, ewallet, and wire transfer. With credit card / debit card and ewallet, your deposits will hit your account immediately and your withdrawals will only take 2 business day – you can’t make it any quicker.

Additionally, Magnum Options uses the SSL encoding system to keep your transactions safe. This is the safest security standard available and the best method to perform any online transaction.

Grade: A


Magnum Options offers a long list of assets, all the binary options types any trader could want, and good, quick banking. The final grade can therefore only reflect this commitment to excellent.

Final grade: A+

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