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OptionFair Affiliate - logoDo you want to monetize your blog or social media site or make money online? Then the OptionFair affiliate program is right for you.

How to become an OptionFair affiliate

Becoming a binary option affiliate is an attractive idea to make money. All you need to do is refer customers to OptionFair, and you will earn commission. Since there people are searching for binary option brokers every day, you simply have to connect supply and demand, and you will make money.

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Especially people with an already existing online following or people who know how to create a following can easily use their marketing potential to connect those of their followers who want to start binary options trading anyway with a broker. OptionFair’s affiliate program is a great way to monetizeyour blog or social media site.

For this purpose, OptionFair employs the Trade Financial Partners affiliate program. This program willprovide you with an ID and track how many customers you refer to OptionFair. Having such a reliable partner is important – you do not want to lose a referral rewards because the tracking has missed the customer you delivered.

Another huge advantage of the OptionFair affiliate program is its flexible rewards system. You can choose whether you want to get an immediate reward for every customer you deliver to OptionFair, whether you want a share of the revenue your customers generate for OptionFair, or a combination.

The model with a one-time payment for each new customers is called CPA (cost per acquisition). Depending on how many customers you refer to OptionFair, you get a reward:

  • Up to 10 customers: $150 per customer
  • 11 – 20 customers: $200 per customer
  • 21 customers and more: $250 per customer

Delivering 15 customers, for example, will result in a reward of $3,000. For anyone with a larger enough online following it should be easy to refer 15 customers per month and make a nice income without having to do much for it.

The revenue share program provides you with a share of the revenue your referred customers create for OptionFair:

  • Up to $10,000 revenue, you get a share of 20%.
  • From $10,001 to $50,000 revenue, you get a share of 25%.
  • From $50,001 to $100,000 revenue, you get a share of 30%.
  • From $100,001 revenue, you get a share of 35%.

The important thing to know about these rewards is that they apply for the entire time your customers stay with OptionFair. That means, they are not a one-time reward but a way to generate long-term income.

The downside, however, is that it will take you longer to get to a high monthly payment. In short, the decision between the CPA program and the revenue share program come down to whether you want to make a lot of money now or create long-term income.

You can also contact OptionFair and negotiate a hybrid deal that gives you a bit of both worlds.


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