OptionFair Demo

OptionFair Demo - logoDo you want to try the OptionFair demo before you sign up with the binary option broker? We explain how you can do it!

How to test the OptionFair Demo

Before you sign up with any broker, you should test how their service performs under real trading conditions. Do you like the payouts you get? Can you handle the trading platform securely? Do you like the assets and their trading times? Those questions are important, but they are hard to answer without seeing your broker in action first hand.

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In the early days of binary option trading, you needed a demo account to perform these tests. You needed to download software, install it to your computer, and create an account with the binary option broker you wanted to test – a long and complicated process that made comparing many brokers difficult.

Luckily, these dark days are over. OptionFair has a better offer for you: You can simply go to their homepage, open their trading platform, and see first hand how the platform performs under real trading conditions, which payouts you get, and if you like the handling.

All you need to do is open OptionFair’s website and access the trading platform. Even if you do not yet have an account, you can access the same trading platform as all real traders. You see the same assets they see, can analyze the payouts, and study how OptionFair performs under live trading conditions.

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On the left side of your screen, you can select the option type you want to use: High / low options, one touch options, or boundary options. Below, you can choose the asset you would like to invest in. Click on your preferred asset and its details will display on the right side of the screen.

Here you see the price chart and the payouts you would get for investing in rising or falling prices. While you should not have any problems with handling the software, you should check that the payouts in situations you want to trade are high enough to make you money.

If in doubt, you can execute a few paper trades. Note the time, the asset, the direction, the payout, and the expiry time at the time you would have invested. Then wait until your option would have expired and note whether you would have won your option or not. Repeat the process a sufficient number of times, and you will be able to tell whether OptionFair is a broker you can earn money with or not.


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