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OptionWeb Affiliate - logoAre you looking for an affiliate program that allows you to participate in the broker’s success? Then the OptionWeb affiliate program is perfect for you.

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The advantages of becomimg an OptionWeb affiliate

One of the biggest advantages of OptionWeb’s affiliate program is its flexibility. Instead of forcing you to accept a certain type of rewards, OptionWeb allows you to choose from three different reward models. These are:

1. CPA reward

The most popular reward type is the CPA (cost per acquisition) reward. With the CPA, you get a one time payment for every customer you refer to OptionWeb. How long this customer stays with OptionWeb does not influence your reward.

The height of your CPA reward depends on the number of customers you deliver to OptionWeb and ranges from $150 to $400 per customer. In other words, referring more customers will increase your reward by giving you more CPA payments AND by increasing your CPA reward per customer.

The CPA reward is the surest reward type offered by OptionWeb. Since you can’t be sure how long your customer will stay with OptionWeb, you take the reward and leave. The downside to this type of reward is that you only get a one time payment. To pay your bills, you have to keep referring new customers to OptionWeb.

2. Revenue share

The second rewards model is the revenue share. OptionWeb will allow you to participate from the revenue they earn from your referred customers. Depending on how many customers you refer to OptionWeb and the quality of their business, this might be up to 35 percent of shared profit.

While this reward model is able to generate long-term income, it will not create high rewards as quickly as the CPA model. You have to refer a number of traders and gradually build your income stream before you can earn as high rewards as with the CPA model.

After that, however, the sky is the limit. With the shared revenue model, you can make much more money than with the CPA model, it will just take a little longer to get started. Think of the revenue share as a long term investment.

3. Combined model

If you are unsure which rewards model is right for you, OptionWeb has the perfect alternative: You can combine both model. This way you can get the higher initial rewards of the CPA model and build long term income with the shared revenue model.

Most newcomers can probably do the best for themselves if they choose the combined model. After a while, if they should get tremendously more rewards from one rewards model, they can still switch to it full time.

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