OptionWeb Demo Account

OptionWeb Demo Account - logoDo you want to test binary options without having to risk real money? Then the OptionWeb demo account is a great opportunity!

How to try out the OptionWeb Demo Account

OptionWeb is one of the very last binary options brokers that offers a true demo account. Most other brokers seem to think that you can make a decision for or against their service even without a demo account. That way of thinking, however, robs you of the great advantages a demo account provides you with.

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With OptionWeb’s demo account you can test every feature their trading platform has to offer. While other brokers only allow you to sign up for their service for free and take a look at their trading platform, OptionWeb also allows you to place trades with demo money and see how successful you can trade.

This is a huge advantage. While it is great when you can take a look at a broker’s trading platform, the only way to truly know whether your trading strategy works with a broker is to trade with them for a while. If your account balance raises, you know that the broker is good for you, you do not have to guess. OptionWeb is one of the very few brokers that grants you this chance.

To get the OptionWeb demo account, you need to register an account with OptionWeb and deposit money into your account. Do not worry, though, you do not have to invest the money your deposit. If you do not like OptionWeb’s service, you can withdraw your money after your test.

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The minimum deposit to get a demo account with OptionWeb is $1,000. For this minimum deposit, you get OptionWeb’s standard account, which provides you with a two-week demo account. Higher account types offer a longer demo account.

For a minimum deposit of $3,000, you get the silver account, which comes with a one-month demo account. Starting with the gold account, which requires a $10,000 minimum deposit, the demo account becomes unlimited in duration.

While longer demo accounts are a nice feature, even a two-week demo account should easily enough to know whether OptionWeb is the right broker for you. If you can afford to make a larger deposit, you can profit from the higher account types. If you can’t, however, we would not consider a two-week demo account a bad offer.


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