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How to try the OptionWeb demo

Choosing a binary option broker is an important decision. It involves a lot of money. Whenever a lot of money is involved, you want to trust the people you are dealing with. Therefore, most traders want to test their new binary option broker in action before they open an account with them.

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This desire is understandable and absolutely valid – you should never sign up for a binary option broker without knowing what you get yourself into. Nonetheless, the widespread desire for a demo account is a relic of old days.

Years ago, when trading assets involved downloading difficult to handle software and trading alone in front of the same computer every day, you needed a login to your brokers software that allowed you to test its handling, its functionality, and its potential.

Nowadays, however, they online trading world has changed fundamentally. Instead of having to install software on your PC, you can simply access your binary options broker’s trading platform over the internet. Any device that can access the internet is good enough to start trading immediately.

This change has eliminated the need for a demo account. Anybody can now open a broker’s website and watch the broker’s trading platform under real life trading conditions – even without a demo account. This development has made testing brokers easier, quicker, and more pleasant.

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For the first time it is possible to compare 5 or even 10 brokers in one day. In the old days, when you would have needed a demo account to test every single broker, the same task would have taken you a week. The binary option trading world is getting better.

To test OptionWeb, simply open their website, scroll to the bottom, and, under the menu item products click the binary option type you want to trade. The site will take you to a detailed description of this binary option type.

If you plan to trade from your mobile device, you can also download the OptionWeb app from the App Store or the Google Play Store, and check out the OptionWeb trading platform in the app. The app and the online platform are very similar, and if you can handle one platform, you will also be able to handle the other.


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