OptionWeb Deposit Bonus

OptionWeb Deposit Bonus - logoOptionWeb offers a unique bonus system that can provide you with unmatched long-term bonuses. Learn more about the OptionWeb deposit bonus now!

The OptionWeb deposit bonus

When it comes to bonuses, OptionWeb follows a unique and highly rewarding approach. Many other brokers try to deceive binary option traders with a high deposit bonus, but then offer such a bad service that the brokers will lose their bonus soon after they have received it. OptionWeb does things differently, rather focusing on long term rewards that will help you trade more successfully than on short-lived initial bonuses.

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OptionWeb offers two types of bonuses: Bonuses that give you money, and bonuses that provide you with additional features. For the first type of bonuses, OptionWeb’s increased payouts and monthly interest rates are two invaluable offers that you can find with only very few other brokers.

The increased payouts offers the unique possibility to get payouts of up to 90 percent on high / low options. This is significantly more than what other brokers offer, who usually offer payouts around 80 to 85 percent.

OptionWeb offers increased payouts starting with their second highest account, the gold account. You can get the gold account for a minimum deposit of $10,000. The gold account increases the maximum payout for high / low options to 88 percent. For a minimum deposit of $50,000, you can get the platinum account, which increases the maximum payout even further to 90 percent.

Clearly, the significant step in this system is the gold account. The platinum requires an unrealistically high minimum deposit of $50,000 while only offering a 2 percent additional payout. While every percentage of increased payout is nice, the platinum account is something you can still get after having traded with OptionWeb for a couple of years and having made enough money.[table id=37/]

OptionWeb’s other money related bonus is a monthly interest rate on your account balance. Offering an interest rate of up to 5 percent per month, OptionWeb easily trumps most offers by regular banks and adds a nice 5 percent extra return to your account balance every month.

Over one year, the 5 percent monthly interest rates accumulates to a total of 80 percent. Getting a yearly 80 percent bonus sure trumps the offer of a one-time bonus that other brokers offer you.

Aside from their money related bonuses, OptionWeb also offers several bonus features that can help you become a more successful binary options trader. These features include an education center, personalized training, a demo account, trader coaching, graphic analysis, trading signals, an economic calendar, and many more.

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