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OptionWeb Deposit - logoDo you want to start making money with binary option for as little as $200? Then OptionWeb is the broker you need. Learn more about the OptionWeb deposit here.

How high is the minimum OptionWeb deposit?

With OptionWeb, the minimum deposit is 200 units of your accounts base currency. If you run your account in US Dollar, the minimum deposit is $200. If you run your account in Euro, the minimum deposit is €200.

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Of course, $200 and €200 is not the exact same amount. Depending on the exchange rate, one currency’s minimum deposit will be slightly higher than the other currency’s minimum deposit. If you are short on cash, do not let this circumstance fool you into opening an account in anything but your home currency.

While it might be slightly cheaper to open an account in another currency, you will certainly pay the price later. Exchange vary over time, sometimes greatly, which adds an unpredictable factor to your trading. To constantly achieve good results, you should try to eliminate all uncontrollable elements. The quality of your trading is the only thing you can control, and therefore it should be the only thing that determines your success.

The $200 minimum deposit will get you OptionWeb’s starter account. While the starter account is a great tool to get started in the world of binary options, OptionWeb offers higher account types that will provide you with better trading conditions.

These account types require a higher total deposit than $200. The emphasis here is on “total”. You are perfectly fine to start your trading career with a minimum deposit of $200 and then gradually increase your total deposit amount as you gain confidence in your abilities.

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The next higher account type, the standard account, starts with a total deposit of $1,000, which is not much more than the starter account. The standard account will increase the amount of assets you can trade with binary options from 80 to 120 and provide you with additional perks, such as coaching sessions, weekly analyses, and trader coaching. All of these tools are incredibly helpful to become a better, more successful trader and are well worth the additional investment.

Each consecutive higher account level will increase the perks of the lower account levels, providing higher payouts, more assets, and more additional perks such as better coaching, better analysis, and premium customer support.

All of these perks are great to have. When thinking about the minimum investment with OptionWeb, you should therefore not only consider the $200 absolute minimum, but also the minimum requirements for each individual account level.


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