OptionWeb Features

OptionWeb Features -logoOptionWeb is one of the most secure binary options brokers and offers assets with a lot of potential. Learn about the OptionWeb features and profit now!

OptionWeb Features

There are a number of good reasons to choose OptionWeb as your binary options broker. Those reasons are:

Secure trading

OptionWeb is regulated by the European Union. This means, OptionWeb has to fulfill regulations similarto those of a bank. Most importantly, OptionWeb has to keep enough money in a separate account to buy out all their traders if anything should happen to the company. With a non-regulated broker your money could be lost if the broker should have to file for bankruptcy.

Additionally, OptionWeb employs the SSL protocol, the safest security standard on the web, which makes their website completely secure.

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High-potential trading environment

OptionWeb offers six highly profitable trading modes for binary options:

  • High / low options,
  • One touch options,
  • 60 seconds options,
  • Long term options,
  • Ladder options,
  • ProOption.

With these option types, OptionWeb provides the right tool for every type of trader and every type of trading strategy. Regardless of whether you want to trader long term or short term movements, big or small movements, swings or trends – OptionWeb has the right tool for you.

This large selection of binary option types is accompanied by high payouts. Regularly offering payouts of more than 80 percent on high / low options, OptionWeb ranks among the best brokers in the binary options market.[table id=37/]

Large selection of assets

OptionWeb offers 190 assets for you to trade with binary options. Ranging from currencies and commodities to stocks and indices, OptionWeb’s asset list provides investment opportunities from all over the world, from every market, and from every type of industry.

This wealth of available assets is especially important for traders who want to invest in small assetsother brokers might not offer and in assets from all over the world. Regardless of where you live, which time zone you trade in, and which time of the day you want to trade, OptionWeb always has assets available for you to trade.

Incredibly helpful trading tools

Every help you can get to predict the market is welcome. Luckily, OptionWeb offers a number of tools to make your life as a binary options trader easier.

Firstly, OptionWeb’s account types provide a number of features that can help you become a better trader. With OptionWeb features such as your personal expert trading coach, daily webinars, and an in-depth library of ebooks and videos, OptionWeb can help you master the skill of being a successful binary options trader quickly and with less costly rookie trading mistakes.

Secondly, OptionWeb offers a number of tools to understand the market better and make better trading decisions. With a graphic expert, an economical calendar, market reviews, and trading signals, you always feel the pulse of the market closely and can find the most profitable trading opportunities.


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