OptionWeb High / Low Options

OptionWeb High / Low Options - logoWith payouts of up to 90 percent, the OptionWeb high / low options are indeed attractive. Learn all you need to know about trading with OptionWeb here!

How to trade with the OptionWeb High / Low Options

OptionWeb offers a uniquely brilliant environment to trade high / low options. With payouts of up to 90 percent and up to a 5.5 percent monthly interest rate, you can get the highest payouts on high / low option anywhere. But let us not get ahead of ourselves and analyze OptionWeb’ service step by step.

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To invest in high / low options with OptionWeb, you need to register an account with the broker. Simply click the link we provide for you and fill out the form on the OptionWeb website with some basic personal information (your name, your email, the currency you want to use for your account). Now you only have to deposit money into your account via credit card, wire transfer, or online payment provider, and you are ready to start trading.

Once you have cleared this basic hurdle, simply log into the OptionWeb trading platform via OptionWeb’s website or via the OptionWeb app for Apple and Android devices. Select high / low option and the asset you want to trade, and you are ready to invest.[table id=37/]

Why to invest in high / low options with OptionWeb

Investing in high / low options with OptionWeb has some distinct advantages compared to other brokers. While OptionWeb offers a large selections of assets to invest in and everything else a trader could need to trade successfully, first and foremost, these advantages result from OptionWeb’s bonus system. Let us take a closer look at how bonuses increase your returns.

In contrast to many other brokers, who only offer short term rewards such as deposit bonus, OptionWeb focuses on long term bonuses that will help you over the course of your entire trading career.

This is the much better choice, since the power of compound interest can turn a 5.5 percent bonus on every trade, as OptionWeb does offer it, into a 211,468 percent bonus over only 100 trades. Since you can easily place 100 trades in one month, OptionWeb’s bonus system shatters any offer of a one-time deposit bonus by any other broker.

OptionWeb overall payout on high / low options is close to 100 percent. OptionWeb offers up to a 90 percent payout on high / low options. If you win about two thirds of your trades, you will win two trades for every trade you lose, which means that we have to factor half of the interest rate you get on losing trades into your winning trades.

For your overall payout, this means you get: 90 percent (payout) + 5.5 percent (interest rate on this trade) + 2.25 percent (interest rate on one half of a losing trade) = 97.5 percent. No broker offers a higher payout than 97.5 percent, which means that any trader of high / low options should strongly consider signing up with OptionWeb.


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