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OptionWeb Interest Rate - logoThe OptionWeb interest rate is possibly the greatest feature in all of binary options. Learn more now!

The advantages of the OptionWeb Interest Rate

Many brokers offer you short term bonuses when you first sign up with them. You get a deposit bonus, maybe a free trade, and maybe you can use certain features a few times. In the long run, however, these brokers leave you on your own. Luckily, OptionWeb follows a different approach.

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OptionWeb offers bonuses that support you for the entire time of your trading career. The most significant of these bonuses is OptionWeb’s monthly interest rate of up to 5.5 percent. This interest is paid on your overall investment amount. Since binary options traders invest many times per day, your overall investment amount can be significant higher than your account balance.

In essence, receiving an interest on your overall investment amount means that you receive an extra payout of up to 5.5 percent on every trade you make – even on losing trades. If you trade a successful strategy, you will win about two thirds of your trades, which means that you win two trades for every trade you lose. To factor the interest rate into your average payout, you therefore have to factor half of the interest rate you get on a losing trade into the payout of a winning trade.

In short, your total payout with OptionWeb looks like this: 90 percent (payout) + 5.5 percent (interest rate on this trade) + 2.25 percent (interest rate on one half of a losing trade) = 97.5 percent. OptionWeb is the only broker that offers a 97.5 percent payout on trades with high / low options – an incredible advantage that is hard to pass up.

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The greatness of the OptionWeb interest rate becomes clear when we consider the power of compound interest. Over the time of 100 trades, a 5.5 interest per trades turns into a 211,468 percent additional payout. This is an insane bonus, and a bonus that shatters every one-time deposit bonus other brokers offer by light years.

When it comes to binary options, 100 trades are a relatively low criteria. With an average of 5 trades per day and 20 trading days per month, a trader can easily place 100 trades in one month. Over the course of a year, the same 5.5 interest rate would result in an additional payout of an insane 7,997,450,495,268,430,569,280,700,975 percent. This is an offer nobody can pass up on.

If you plan to trade high / low options for a long time, there is no other broker we can recommend as whole-heartedly as OptionWeb.


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