OptionWeb Minimum Deposit

OptionWeb Minimum Deposit - logoOptionWeb allows you to start trading for as little as $200. But there is more you need to know. Learn about the OptionWeb minimum deposit here.

How high is the OptionWeb Minimum Deposit?

The minimum deposit with OptionWeb is USD 200 or EUR 200, depending on your account’s currency. There are, however, plenty of good reasons to consider other factors when making your deposit.

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The key to understanding why depositing might make more sense for you lies with OptionWeb’s account system. With the minimum deposit of USD 200, you will enter account system at the lowest account type, the starter account. Depositing more money can get you a higher account type, which comes with better features and higher bonuses.

The higher account levels, the gold account and the platinum account, offer even better rewards, offering up to a 3.50 percent monthly interest rate and improved payouts of up to 90 percent. To get the gold account, you need to deposit at least USD 10,000, to get the platinum account you need to deposit at least

For a minimum deposit of USD 1,000, you get OptionWeb’s standard account. The standard account also provides you with level one personalized training, a two-week demo account, and 40 additional assets. For new traders, which can use the personal training and the demo account to master binary options trading, and traders that prefer small markets, which can benefit from the 40 extra assets, getting the standard account might provide invaluable advantages that more than justify the higher deposit.

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Similarly, the next higher account, the silver account, which starts at USD 3,000, offers 60 additional assets, level two personal training, an one-month demo account, and a 3.50 percent interest rate on your account balance. If you can afford the USD 3,000 minimum deposit requirement, getting the silver account will certainly help you to become a more successful trader.

What is important to know about OptionWeb is that their minimum deposit requirement for account types factors every single deposit you have made with OptionWeb throughout your trading career. This fair policy differs from the policies many other brokers employ, that only factors your initial deposit.

With OptionWeb, you can improve your account throughout your trading career. With other brokers, you are limited to the money you had available when you just started out – hardly a fair way of treating customers. Therefore, OptionWeb’s account system and minimum deposit policy is significantly more customer friendly than what most other brokers offer.

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