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Porter Finance Banking - logoDo you want a binary options broker that offers easy and secure banking? Then Porter Finance might be ideal for you. Learn more about Porter Finance banking here!

How does Porter Finance banking work?

One of the most important parts of trading binary options is banking. During your trading career you will constantly withdraw and deposit money from and into your account. Having a broker that offers easy, quick, and secure banking is of the highest importance to any trader.

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Porter Finance scores high on all of these aspects. First of all, they use the extremely SSL encryption standard to keep all your transactions safe and secure. This is the same standard all the big banks use for their online banking. It is the safest thing that is currently available and it will make sure that nobody can intercept your transactions or log into your account illegally.

In addition to this trustworthy security measures, the Porter Finance banking is kept simply and easy. You can deposit money in all major currencies – US Dollar (USD), British Pound (GBP), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian dollar (AUD), and Euro (EUR) – which helps you to run your account in the currency of your country, thereby avoiding the insecurities of exchange rates.

Withdrawing money from your account is equally easy. To withdraw money, simply choose the currency you want to withdraw money in and the withdrawal method you want to use. After that, your money is on its way and it will reach your bank account within five business days.

For deposits and withdrawals, you can choose one of these payment methods:

Credit card / debit card

The most popular method to deposit and withdraw money, credit cards offer a cheap and easy service. Withdrawals and deposits by credit card are free, and deposits per credit card are booked into your account immediately. Additionally, the high security measures all credit card provider employ make sure that your deposits and withdrawals are completely secure.

Porter Finance accepts most of the major credit card and debit card brands, including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and Visa Electron.

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Wire transfer

Wire transfers deposits and withdrawals are the only payment method that does not require you to have an account with a third party provider. They are, however, also the slowest method for deposits and withdrawals, and they might involve a fee. Therefore, wire transfers only make sense for large transactions of $10,000 and above.


Neteller is an online payment provider that stores all your financial information conveniently in one place, thereby allowing you to make deposits and withdrawals with one simple log in. You can make deposits and withdrawals per Neteller, with deposits being booked to your account immediately.

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