Porter Finance One Touch Options

Porter Finance One Touch Options - logoTrading the Porter Finance one touch options is a unique experiences. No other broker offer such good chance to win a one touch option.

This articles tells you what exactly is so special about the one touch option possibilities at Porter Finance.

What is so special about the Porter Finance one touch options?

Porter Finance’s one touch options are fundamentally different from the one touch options most other binary options brokers offer. They allow for different strategies and enable you to take advantage of situations you could not take advantage of with other one touch options.

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There are two main differences between Porter Finance’s one touch options and the one touch options other brokers offer. These differences are:

  1. The distance of the target price,
  2. The payout you can receive.

Most brokers use a very faraway target price for one touch options. With the market having to cover such a long distance, you will only win a small percentage of your trades. Most of the time, the market will fail to make such a significant movement to reach the target price.

To compensate for the low winning percentage, other brokers offer high payouts on one touch options, mostly payouts of 200 to 300 percent. With these characteristics, trading one touch options becomes a roller coaster ride. You will lose more trades before you hit it big with one trade. Then you will lose again before you have your next big win.

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Traders that do not like this trading were so far almost exclusively confined to trading high / low options. With an average payout of 80 to 85 percent and a winning percentage of 60 to 70 percent, high / low options are less of a roller coaster ride and more of a steady way to making money.

So far, traders who wanted to trade touch options with the characteristic of high / low options were left without an option. Porter Finance now helps these traders out by offering one touch options that use a closer target price and payout that resemble the payouts of high / low options.

With this variation of one touch options, traders can finally make steady money by predicting whether the market will reach a certain target price or not. For many traders who follow a conservative market approach this is a great gift. It allows them to trade new strategy and widen their approach to binary options. If you are one of these traders, we highly recommend you try out Porter Finance.

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