Porter Finance Range

Porter Finance Range - logoThe Porter Finance range options are one of the most unique tools in binary options. This article will teach you how to trade range options and of course how to make money with them.

How to trade the Porter Finance range options

With range options, Porter Finance offers an absolutely unique tool that can help you trade market environments that you can’t trade with any other binary options type offered by any other binary options broker.

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Range options are a mix of high / low options and boundary options. Just like with boundary options, you have to predict whether an assets price will stay inside a certain price corridor. Just like with high / low options, however, this price corridor is either to the top or the bottom of the current market price.

With regular boundary options, the price corridor includes an equal distance to both sides of the current market prices. You have to predict whether the market will stay in this price corridor or not. With Porter Finance’s range options, however, you have to predict whether the market will stay inside a corridor or top or below the current market price – a fundamentally different way of investing.

Payouts with range options closely resemble the payouts you could get with high / low options. Since Porter Finance is generally committed to keeping the payouts of all its binary option types in a similar range and adjust the characteristics of each binary options type accordingly, this makes sense. To compensate for the slightly increased risk compared to regular boundary options, the area the price has to stay in is enhanced.

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Since there is no other broker that offers anything similar to range option, traders that find this way of trading binary options interesting need to sign up with Porter Finance to get a shot at trading range options.

If you are not sure whether range options are right for you, you can test range option on Porter Finance’s website. Right on the homepage, there is a test version of the Porter Finance trading platform that includes range options. To get a general idea of how this option works, just watch the demo for a while. If you like it, sign up with Porter Finance and start trading the real stuff.

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