Porter Finance Test

Porter Finance Test - logoAre you looking for a trustworthy binary options broker to make money with? In our Porter Finance test we help you figure out if  Porter Finance fits the bill now!

The essential Porter Finance test

Finding the right binary options broker can be a difficult task. There are so many binary options brokers in the market that finding the right often seem like an overwhelming challenge. To make things a little easier for you, we have tested Porter Finance thoroughly.

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In this test, we have answered the most pressing questions any binary options trader faces when choosing a broker. Those are:

Can I make money with Porter Finance?

Porter Finance offers high payouts throughout all binary option types. With payouts of up to 90 percent and an average payout of 80 to 85 percent, you only need to win 55 to 60 percent of your trades. Since you would win 50 percent of your trades with high / low options if you simply played the odds and guessed the market direction, adding another 5 or 10 percent should be an easy task if you study technical analysis.

You can definitely make money with Porter Finance. As long as you commit to educating yourself and do not simply invest randomly, you should be able to create a profitable trading career.

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Is Porter Finance right for risk averse traders?

The best type of trader for Porter Finance is a risk adverse trader. The difference between Porter Finance and most other brokers is in the structure of their payouts. While other brokers offer binary options types that include high risks but offer the high payouts to justify taking those risks, Porter Finance has harmonized their binary options types to offer equal risk and equal payouts.

This means that Porter Finance is one of the very few brokers that offer one touch options and a variation of boundary options that are suitable for risk averse traders, which makes Porter Finance ideal for risk averse brokers.

Is Porter Finance right for risky traders?

Because of the structure of Porter Finance’s payout system, Porter Finance is ideal for risk averse traders but less than ideal for risky traders. Porter Finance’s binary options are ideal for a strategy that wins you a lot of trades but can live with lower payouts.

While such a strategy can be highly profitable, risky traders would probably find it too boring to execute it correctly. Therefore, those trades should choose a different broker. To make this choice either for you, with have created a list of all trustworthy binary options brokers.

Is Porter Finance secure and trustworthy?

In one word: yes. Porter Finance employs the SSL protocol, the securest standard the web has to offer, and uses a very thorough verification process to make sure that nobody steals money from your account. You can trust Porter Finance completely.

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