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Porter Finance Withdrawal - logoDo you want a binary options broker that offers quick and easy withdrawal options? Then you should check out Porter Finance. This article goes through all the withdrawel options you have when you want to withdraw your profits. Learn about the Porter Finance withdrawal options here!

Porter Finance withdrawal options

Porter Finance processes any withdrawal request within two business days. After that, it will take 5 to 7 more days for your money to reach your account, depending on which withdrawal option you use and how fast your provider workers.

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To withdraw money from Porter Finance, you have three options:

Credit card withdrawals

Credit card is the most popular Porter Finance withdrawal method, and there is good reason for it. Credit card withdrawals are completely free, which is a huge advantage. Additionally, most people already own a credit card, which means they can use this withdrawal method intuitively and without confusion.

The one thing you have to consider when it comes to credit card withdrawals is that you can’t withdraw more money from Porter Finance with a credit card than you deposited with the exact same credit card. Any amount exceeding the amount you deposited with the same credit card has to be withdrawn by wire transfer.

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Bank transfer withdrawals

Withdrawals via bank transfer are the only withdrawal option that does not require you to have an account with a third party provider. You can transfer money directly from your binary options trading account into your bank account, without the need for a credit card provider or an online payment provider.

The drawback on bank transfers is, however, that every withdrawal involves a fee of $30. Over the time of a trading career, a $30 fee on every single withdrawal can amount to quite a large sum. Especially in the later stages of your trading career, when you want to live from your trading, you will want to withdraw money on a weekly or monthly basis. Having to spend $30 on each withdrawal would reduce your earnings by hundreds of Dollars each year.

In the initial phase of you trading career, we therefore recommend bank transfer withdrawals only for emergency situation or if you do not yet own a credit card or an account with an online payment provider. In this case, however, you should make sure to get an account with one of the services as soon as possible.

At some point, you will have to withdraw money by wire transfer, because you have exceeded the withdrawal limit for your credit card. When you reach this point, however, you will have made so much money and have such a large account balance, that a $30 fee will be a small payment to make. Until then, however, stick with credit cards as long as possible.

Neteller withdrawals

Neteller is an online payment provider that allows you to store all your financial information conveniently in one place, thereby making your transactions quicker and easier. Neteller withdrawals follow the same rules as credit card withdrawals: They are equally quick and easy.

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