Prestige Option Account Types

Prestige Option Account TypesPrestige Option account types offer a powerful combination of high bonuses and low deposit requirements. With a little knowledge, you will be able to increase your profits by up to 14,457,828 percent over six months.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to understand the Prestige Option account types,
  • How to find the right account type for you, and
  • How to make the most profit with your account type.

With this knowledge, you will immediately be able to increase your profits.

The Prestige Option account types

Like most brokers, Prestige Option uses a system of multiple account types that determine the bonuses you get based on the amount of money you deposit. A higher deposit will get you a higher account type, and a higher account type will get you more bonuses.

Prestige Option offers these accounts:

  • Bronze account: from €500, 25% Bonus, over 100 tradeable assets, economic info.
  • Silver account: from €2,500, 50% Bonus, over 100 tradeable assets, 2 training sessions, economic info, weekly market review, basic training videos.
  • Gold account: from €10,000, 75% bonus, over 100 tradeable assets, 3 training sessions, economic info twice a week, market review, access to autochartist, advanced training videos.
  • VIP account: from €50,000, 100% bonus, over 100 tradeable assets, unlimited training sessions, economic info, daily market review, advance training videos, access for autochartist, access for STRATEGIX, 2% dividend amount.
  • Platinum account: from €100,000, invitation only.

As you can see from this list, Prestige Option’s account types are effectively split into three groups. Finding the right place for yourself among these account types is essential to having success as a trader. Prestige Option’s account types can be categorized in these three groups are:

  • Newcomer accounts: the bronze account and the silver account. These two account types target newcomers to the binary options scene who either still have limited money or want to test binary options with a small investment.
  • Experienced trader accounts: the gold account and the VIP account. These two account types target traders that have been trading for a while and that have already build a solid financial basis for themselves.
  • Expert accounts: The platinum account. Since this account is available on an invitation-only basis, there is no need to focus on it in this post. Suffice to say, only the most prominent traders receive an invitation for the platinum account.

The key to maximizing your profits with Prestige Option is understanding the relationship of the two account types that target the group of traders you belong to. Let’s look at each group individually.


Newcomers have to decide between the bronze and the silver account. Yes, the gold and the platinum account offer higher bonuses, but for newcomers these things are irrelevant.

First and foremost, newcomers need to keep their investment small to minimize their risk while they are trying something new, and they need to get themselves into a trading environment where they can learn the basics. For this purpose, they can do without the best account.

Nonetheless, there are good reasons why newcomers should get the silver account over the bronze account. The silver account provides a higher deposit bonus (50 percent compared to 25 percent of the bronze account), which can make a huge difference.

Instead of investing $2,200, for example, which would get you the bronze account and a total account balance of $2,750, an investment of $2,500 would get you the silver account, a final account balance of $3,750, and a $1,000 gain on a $300 investment. This is the easiest way to triple you money in the world, and it is guaranteed – name one reason why you should pass that up.

Additionally, the silver account will provide you with two training sessions, a weekly market review, and basic training videos, all of which are great tools to help you learn and grow as a trader.

Experienced traders

For experienced traders, the requirements are a little higher. While the VIP account offers convincing features, it also requires a $50,000 deposit. Not all traders have that kind of money, and if you are far from that goal, you should start out with the gold account.

If you are close to $50,000, however, you should make sure to get the VIP account. Keep trading with your old broker for another month or save some money in some other way – the VIP account is worth it.

The reason for this recommendation is that the VIP account offers a 2 percent dividend. This dividend effectively pays you 2 percent of your investment extra on every trade. Since this money is guaranteed, you only have to keep reinvesting it, and you will become rich even if your actual trading is mediocre.

At 5 trades a day and 20 trading days a month, a 2 percent dividend will net you an extra profit of 14,457,828 percent over six months. Even if you invested only $10 on your first trade, this will result in an extra profit of $1,445,782. If you invested $100, you can add another 0 to that.

If at all possible, secure that money by getting yourself the VIP account.


Prestige Option offers high potential accounts for both newcomers and experienced traders. If you want to profit from Prestige Option’s account types, too, follow our links and open your account now!

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