Prestige Option Binary Options

Prestige Option binary optionsPrestige Option binary options follow an intriguing concept: simplicity combined with unlimited potential. By simplifying your trading while still expanding your investment possibilities, Prestige Option can increase your profits.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Why Prestige Option is a revolutionary new broker,
  • Why Prestige Option can make your trading easier and more profitable,
  • How to get started with Prestige Option.

With this knowledge, you will be able to enter a new world of binary options trading that you will never want to leave again.

Which Prestige Option binary options can you trade?

Prestige Options selection of binary options can make your trading much quicker and more intuitive. Just like the iPhone stripped mobile phones from their need for complex navigation, Prestige Option has freed binary options from the need to cluster their option types into countless categories and overwhelm traders with countless assets.

The best thing about Prestige Option’s trading platform is how well they have integrated the different trading styles into one coherent picture. Where other brokers offer two option types for regular high / low options and long-term options, for example, Prestige Option has combined both types into one menu. When you choose your expiry for your high / low options, you can simply select from expiries that are only a few minutes away to expiries that are months down the road.

As a result, Prestige Option presents a clean front with only three option types:

  • High / low options,
  • 60 seconds options, and
  • StrategiX.

On first sight, it might seem as if Prestige Option only offers a very limited selection of binary options. This, however, is a misconception. As you will see, the Prestige Option setup is genius and offers and unmatched versatility.

Prestige Option binary options: Why is the Prestige Option setup genius?

Prestige Option’s setup is genius because it combines easy usability with endless potential. High / low options are the most popular option type, which is why they are directly available on the top level and easy to access. 60 seconds options are the most popular variation, and readily available, too.

StrategiX combines all other binary options types. Once you click on the StrategiX, you see a window with the current asset’s price chart and a selection menu where you can pick the option type you want to invest in.

You can choose from these option types:

  • Above / below,
  • Range,
  • Touch,
  • No touch.

For each type, you can adjust the distance of the target in any way you want. Consequently, Prestige Option offers and indefinite amount of option types – a variability no other broker can match. Regardless of which type of prediction you want to make, with Prestige Option, you can do it.

This possibility is a great advantage because it allows you to trade more accurately. You will never have to accept a target price that is only close to what you would like best, you can always make the best investment you can.

If you expect a $5 movement on Google’s stock, for example, there is no need to accept a $2 target price, as other brokers would force you to do.

Prestige Option binary options: Which traders should trade with Prestige Option?

With this setup, Prestige Option offers the ideal service for any type of trader:

  • Newcomers will enjoy Prestige Option’s simplicity. They will immediately feel at home, and they will be able to trade quickly and accurately without being confused by endless buttons and hundreds of options types.
  • Experienced traders will enjoy Prestige Option’s endless possibilities. By being able to trade more predictions, use new strategies, and trade more accurately, experienced traders can increase their profits and make more money.

In short, any trader can profit from Prestige Option’s genius way of trading binary options. After all, increased profits and simplified trading profit all traders equally. If you are new to binary options, we suggest you take advantage of Prestige Option’s service right from the start.


Prestige Option is the iPhone of binary options. Where the iPhone reduced the endless buttons of older phones to a single home button but still provided much more possibilities, Prestige Option managed to reduce binary options to a clean, intuitive interface with only three binary options types but still offer you more ways to invest than any other broker in the market.

To get started with Prestige Option, follow the link we provided for you. Fill out their sign-up form, and deposit money into your account. The entire process takes less than two minutes, it is completely fee-free, and it enables you to enter the world of binary options in one of the best ways possible.



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