Prestige Option Deposit Methods

Prestige Option deposit methodsPrestige Option deposit methods are easy to use for every trader. To make your life easy, though, you need to know which deposit method to choose.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Which deposit methods does Prestige Option offer?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each deposit method?
  • Which deposit method should I use?

With this knowledge, you will be able to make depositing money and your life much easier.

Prestige Option deposit methods: Which deposit methods does Prestige Option offer?

Prestige Option offers these deposit methods:

Credit card and debit card
Credit cards and debit cards are probably the best deposit method for Prestige Option. You can deposit money with Prestige Option with any internationally accepted credit card, for example MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, Maestro and JBC.

Skrill / Moneybookers
Skril / Moneybookers is a certified E-Wallet online transfer service that allows you to easily send money from one place to another. Prestige Option allows you to use your existing Skrill account to deposit money into your account.

Secure Bank Wire
Prestige Option’s final and least recommendable deposit method are wire transfer deposits. While wire transfer deposit are free of fees, they have one big disadvantage: they take a long time.


Prestige Option deposit methods: Which is the best deposit method?

Credit card deposits have a number of advantages:

  • They are the fasted deposit method. Deposit via credit card will be booked to your account immediately. It doesn’t get any faster than that.
  • They are free. There are no fees to credit card deposits.
  • They set you up for easy withdrawals. To prevent money laundering, you can only withdraw as much money via credit card as you deposited with the same credit card. To have the option of credit card withdrawals available, you have to deposit your money via credit card.
  • They have the lowest minimum deposit requirement. With a credit card, you can deposit as little as $100 into your account. With other deposit methods, these requirements are much higher.

Combined, these advantages make credit cards and debit cards the best deposit method available.

Deposits via Skrill are also free and immediate. Since only few people already have a Skrill account, however, the process of getting an account only to deposit money is unnecessarily complicated. Skrill deposits have no advantage over credit deposits, but most people already own a credit card. Consequently, we give the advantage to credit card deposits – they allow you to use your existing infrastructure.

Where credit cards and online payment providers allow you to deposit money into your account immediately, wire transfer deposits can take up to five business days to reach your account. The exact time frame depends on the regulations in your country and your bank’s customs, but since most traders do not live in Cyprus, where Prestige Option has their bank account, most traders have to deposit money internationally. These deposits take time.

If you want to use your money in the next few days, we recommend sticking with credit card deposits. Especially if you want to deposit a little extra money to take advantage of a trading opportunity you just saw, wire transfer is of no help to you.

Prestige Option deposit methods: What else you need to know

One important fact you need to is that all Prestige Option accounts use US Dollars. Consequently, Prestige Option automatically converts your deposit to US Dollars.

If you deposit money in any other currency, do not be surprised if your account balance is much different from the amount of money you deposited. This is not a mistake, and Prestige Option has not stolen your money, they simply have converted it to US Dollars.

Additionally, you should consider that Prestige Option requires a minimum deposit of $100 for credit card / debit card deposits and online payment provider deposits, and a minimum deposit of $500 for wire transfer deposits. Making wire transfer deposit even more unattractive, you have to consider this requirement. A $50 deposit will not go through.


Prestige Option offers three deposit methods – credit cards / debit cards, online payment providers, and wire transfer. Of these deposit methods, credit cards and debit cards are clearly the best option, with online payment providers coming in a close second. Wire transfer deposit are only for those traders who can’t use any other method and should be avoided by all other traders.

If you want to take advantage of Prestige Option’s great deposit methods, sign up with them now. Follow one of the links we provided for you, fill out the registration form, and deposit your money into your account. It will take you only two minutes, and you will be able to start trading with Prestige Option.

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