Prestige Option Register

Prestige Option RegisterThe Prestige Option register is easy. There are only a few steps and you can avoid some rookie mistakes if you follow this guide when you register. Prestige Option is a great binary options broker so we can only recommend you try to register.

In this article you will learn:

  • Why register with Prestige Option,
  • How to register with Prestige Option, and
  • How to get a bonus when registering with Prestige Option.

With this information, you will be able to register your Prestige Option account and start trading binary options with one of the best brokers in the market.

Prestige Option register: Why register with Prestige Option?

Prestige Option is a unique binary options broker, but is only one of many providers. Before they register with Prestige Option, many traders therefore want to know why they should Prestige Option over all the other options available.

To answer this question, consider the advantages Prestige Option offers and which traders Prestige Option is perfect for:

  • Trader who like it simple and intuitive. In many ways, Prestige Option has done to the trading world what the iPhone has done to mobile phones. It has made them user-friendly, intuitive, and easy-to-use. With their StrategiX tool, Prestige Option has done exactly the same. Where other brokers confuse you with an endless list of assets and binary options types, Prestige Option presents you with a clearly designed platform that everyone understands by simply looking at it.
  • Traders who want to make more money. In addition to simplifying trading, Prestige Option has also made it more profitable. With high payouts, you can make money with any of Prestige Option’s option types, but especially their StrategiX tool with its freely adjustable target price, allows you to make the most of any trading situation.
  • Weekend traders and night traders: Many brokers offer their assets only for 16 hours on weekdays. If you want to trade at night or on the weekend, you have bad luck. With Prestige Option, things are different. There is always an asset you can trade, even on Sundays and at night. If you want to turn your quiet time into trading time, Prestige Option is right for you.
  • Traders who hate fees: Fees can be a plague. Some binary options brokers apply fees to withdrawals and deposits, all brokers for regular assets apply fees on every transaction. Luckily, Prestige Option applies no fees whatsoever. Withdrawals, deposits, and trades are 100 percent free. If you hate fees as much as we do, Prestige Option is your safe haven.

If these advantages appeal to you, you Prestige Option might be your perfect broker. Let’s take a look at how you can register with Prestige Option.

How to register with Prestige Option

Registering with Prestige Option is as easy as it could be. In fact, the registration process takes itself takes less than two minutes: click one of the links we provided for you, and fill out the registration form it will take you to. That’s it, now you have registered an account with Prestige Option.

To start trading, of course, there is another step you have to complete. You have to fund your account. After all, you need money to trade.

Luckily, this step is quick and easy, too. Prestige Option allows you to fund your account via credit card / debit card, online payment providers, and wire transfer. Credit card / debit card deposit and online payment provider deposits are booked to your account immediately, enabling you to complete this step within two minutes, too.

Once you have registered and funded your account, it is time for you to start trading. To get the best start into your trading career, there is one thing you should consider, though.

How to get a bonus when registering with Prestige Option

Registering with Prestige Option opens you the door to the binary options trading world, but that’s not all. If you play your cards right, you can also get a bonus of up to 100 percent for free. Even if you will not qualify for the highest bonus, small adjustments can make you a lot of easy risk-free when you register with Prestige Option.

The key to getting the best bonus possible with Prestige Option is understanding their account system. Prestige Option offers these accounts:

  • Bronze account: from $500, 25% Bonus.
  • Silver account: from $2,500, 50% Bonus.
  • Gold account: from $10,000, 75% bonus.
  • VIP account: from $50,000, 100% bonus.
  • Platinum account: from $100,000, invitation only.

As you can see from this list, most new traders will aim for the bronze account, silver account, or gold account. To understand why making the right choice is so crucial, let’s look at an example.

Let’s say you want to register with $2,000. This would get you the bronze account and the 25 percent bonus, which would result in a final account balance of $2,500. While that is nice and already gets you $500 in play money, a deposit of $2,500 would get you the silver account and the 50 percent bonus. The result would be an account balance of $3,750 – an extra $1,250 on a $500 investment. Where can you make money more easily?

Similarly, a $9,000 deposit would get you the silver account, a 50 percent bonus, and a final account balance of $13,500. Adding another $1,000, however, would improve you to a deposit of $10,000, the gold account, and the 75 percent deposit, which would increase your final account balance to $17,500 – a $4,000 gain on a $1,000 investment.

If you are close to the next higher account type, take your time and save the money. A 400 percent gain on a $1,000 investment is nothing you should pass up.


Registering with Prestige Option is easy and simple. With this guide it is easy to see why and how you should register at Prestige Option. Most new traders will probably go for the bronze account when they register.


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