Prestige Option Robot

Prestige Option RobotA Prestige Option robot is a dream of many traders. While such a system can be highly profitable, it requires a little knowledge to set up. With this guide, the dream can finally come true for you.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Is there a robot for Prestige Option?
  • How can I trade Prestige Option with a robot nonetheless?
  • How well does Prestige Option work with robots?
  • With this knowledge, you will be able to set up your automated trading process for Prestige Option and make money without having to trade yourself.

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Prestige Option robot: Is there a robot for Prestige Option?

Unfortunately, no current robot directly supports Prestige Option. Prestige Option is such a new broker on the market that no robot developer has had the time to create a robot for Prestige Option.

That is a problem. Robots need to communicate with your broker to tell it which options to invest in, which requires a tailor-made interface for every single broker. If a robot lacks the tools to communicate with a specific broker, there is no way this robot can work with this broker.

How can I trade Prestige Option with a robot?

Despite the lack of robots that support Prestige Option directly, there are still two ways for you to automate your trading with Prestige Option. These ways are:

  • You can use Meta Trader,
  • You can modify a robot.

Let’s look at each of these possibilities individually.

1. Using Meta Trader to automate your trading with Prestige Option

Meta Trader is the world’s leading trading platform. Running on your computer, laptop, or mobile device, Meta Trader offers almost limitless possibilities to analyze financial markets and program robots to trade for you.

With Meta Trader, these robots are called “expert advisors” and can be shared. Consequently, there is a large online community where you can get a robot for free and run it with your Meta Trader. By using a connection provider, you can connect Meta Trader with Prestige Option and automate your trading.

All you need to do to trade automatically with Meta Trader and Prestige Option is:

  1. Sign up with Prestige Option. Follow our links, fill out their sign-up form, and deposit money into your account. The process is as easy as possible, and it will take you less than 5 minutes.
  2. Download Meta Trader. A quick Google / Play Store / App Store search will provide you with the best download for your country and language. Download the program and install it to your device.
  3. Download your preferred robot. A Google search for “Meta Trader expert advisor” will point you towards plenty of online communities that share expert advisors for free. Download the expert advisor you like best or program your own.
  4. Sign up with a connection provider to connect your Meta Trader with Prestige Option. Now it is time for you to connect your Meta Trader with Prestige Option by using a connection provider. We recommend [MT4 to Binary and [Meta Trader to Binary, which, in our experience, are the most reliable and easy-to-use providers.
  5. Enable your auto trading system. Once you have completed the setup process, you can activate your auto trading system. From now on, Meta Trader will analyze the market for you, and once it has found a profitable trading opportunity, it will automatically execute a trade. You can go to sleep and let your system trade for you.

With this system, you have created your own robot. It can be highly profitable and easy to run, but let’s also look at the alternative, modifying a robot to work with Prestige Option.

2. Modifying a robot

Existing robots always aim to expand their trader base. When a new broker comes along in the way Prestige Option did, the creators of the robot have to decide whether it makes sense to expand their robot. The number one criteria in this decision are customer requests. If many customers want to use a robot with a new broker, the robot provider will want their business and will adapt their robot.

Consequently, it can make sense for you to ask around which existing robots plan to integrate support for Prestige Option or might already have integrated this support in the time since this article was written.

Set up an email that explains what you are looking for and send it to all the robots you like. If you are lucky, one of the robot providers might offer you a way to auto trade Prestige Option. If not, you can always go with the Meta Trader solution.

How well does Prestige Option work with robots?

Prestige Option might be the perfect broker to trade with a robot. There are three reasons for this statement:

  1. Prestige Option offers 24/7 trading: Your robot never gets tired, so why would you use a broker that does? Most brokers close their doors on weekends and on weekdays for 4 to 8 hours per day. If your robot creates a signal during this time, it will be useless because your broker can’t react to it, potentially causing you to miss out on a winning trade. With Prestige Option, things are different. They always have an open asset for you to trade, which helps you to maximize your earning potential.
  2. Prestige Option offers a large selection of assets: Your robot can monitor an almost unlimited number of assets at the same time. Prestige Option enables you to turn this capability into earnings by offering 1000 assets from all categories and all over the world.
  3. Prestige Option offers high payouts: With average payouts of 75 percent to 80 percent (depending on your strategy), Prestige Option ranks among the best binary options brokers. In an automated system with many trades, high payouts can quickly accumulate to a big difference in your profits, which is why you should avoid missing out on Prestige Option.


Prestige Option is a great broker to trade with a robot. Combining high payouts with a large selection of assets and 24/7 trading, few brokers offer a higher earning potential when combined with a robot.

Unfortunately, no robot supports Prestige Option directly just yet. Luckily, getting inventive requires only a little work and can create a highly profitable system. Whether you choose to use Meta Trader or a modified robot, your first step should be to create an account with Prestige Option. Follow our links, fill out their registration form, and you will be ready to enter the world of binary options.


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