Prestige Option Withdrawal Process

Prestige Option withdrawal processThe Prestige Option withdrawal process is simple and free. With our walkthrough, you will be able to easy make your withdrawal.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to decide on which withdrawal method to use,
  • How to request a withdrawal, and
  • How to verify your withdrawal.

With this knowledge, making a withdrawal will become easy for you.

How to complete the Prestige Option withdrawal process

To make a successful withdrawal with Prestige Option, follow these three simple steps:

Prestige Option withdrawal process step 1: Decide on your withdrawal method

The first step to making your withdrawal is to decide on which withdrawal method you want to use. Prestige Option offers two withdrawal methods:

  1. Credit card / debit card, and
  2. Wire transfer.

Credit card withdrawals are quicker, but, to prevent money laundering, you are only allowed to withdraw as much money as you deposited with the same credit card. This essentially means that you have to withdraw your profits via wire transfer.

To prevent money laundering with wire transfer withdrawals, you can only withdraw money to an account in your own name. This rule also adds security, because nobody will be able to steal money from your account.

We generally recommend to make withdrawals with wire transfer, if possible. This way, you keep the option of withdrawing money via credit card available and can use it when you need money quickly. Otherwise, you might waster your credit card withdrawals on planned withdrawals that you could have made with wire transfer, too, and when you need money quickly, you have to use wire transfer and wait for your money for days.

Use wire transfer whenever possible, and save your credit card withdrawals for emergencies.

Prestige Option withdrawal process step 2: Request your withdrawal

Once you have decided which withdrawal method you want to use, you have to let Prestige Option know that you want money from them and how much money you want. This process is simple:

  1. Log into your account,
  2. Click on “Withdrawal”,
  3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw,
  4. Select the withdrawal method you want to use and enter all the necessary information, and
  5. Click “Submit”.

So far, so good. Now Prestige Option knows that you want to withdraw money and how to get it to you. There are, however, a few reasons why they can’t simply send money to anyone that request its:

  1. Safety. What if a hacker has gained access to your account? Surely, you do not want them to be able to steal your money.
  2. Money laundering. Money launders love the internet’s anonymity. It allows them to hide their tracks by transferring money from one place to another until it is impossible to trace. To prevent such practices, Prestige Option has to add a level of identity to their business that makes money laundering impossible.

Because of these reasons, there is another step to the Prestige Option withdrawal process: verifying your withdrawal. Let’s take a look at how you can do that.

Prestige Option withdrawal process step 3: Verify your withdrawal

To very your withdrawal, Prestige Option asks you to provide pictures of three documents:

  • Your government-issued ID: Front and back, with the picture, the name, and the expiration date clearly visible. You can use your driver’s license, your passport, or any government ID that fulfill these requirements.
  • Your proof of address: Anything that proofs where you live. You can use a utility bill, a bank document, a letter from the government, or proof from a notary.
  • Your credit card (if you want to withdraw money via credit card). Do not worry, though. Prestige Option is not trying to steal your credit card information. Therefore, they want you to black out the first 12 digits of your credit card number and the CVV, which makes it impossible for anybody to steal your identity.

To get these documents to Prestige Option, follow this process:

  1. Take pictures of the documents you need,
  2. Edit the pictures in the required way (black out the first 12 digits of your credit card number and the CVV), and
  3. Send the pictures to Prestige Option’s customer support or upload them to your account after logging in.

Complete this process, and you have validated your withdrawal method. Prestige Option will process your files within 48 business hours, and send your money on its way.

The entire process is free of fees, and there is no minimum withdrawal requirement.


The Prestige Option withdrawal process is simple, easy, and quick – much easier and quicker than the process other brokers force you to go through. If you want to profit from this easy withdrawal process yourself, follow one of the links we have provided for you and open your Prestige Option account now!



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