StockPair Binary Options

StockPair binary options - LogoStockPair is one of the most trusted binary options brokers. For its customers, they offer a number of StockPair binary options types to invest in. When you sign up for StockPair, you can start using the same types of binary options, for your investments too. Those option types are:

StockPair binary options: High / low options

High / low options are the classic binary options type. You simply have to predict whether an asset will rise or fall over a given period of time. You can choose the underlying asset and the time period freely from the selection StockPair offers you. Assets range from stocks and indices to commodities and currencies. Time periods range from 60 seconds to one hour.

With high / low options you will usually get a payout of around 80 percent if you win your option. If you lose your option, you will lose the entire amount you invested.

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StockPair binary options: Pair options

Additionally to the classic high / low options StockPair offers another option type, and hat is the great new idea that gave StockPair its name: You can also trade pair options. Pair options involve two assets. You have to predict which asset will perform better over a given period of time.

For currencies, for example, you could invest in the EUR/USD pair. If you predict that the Euro will perform better until the option expires and the Euro indeed outperforms the US Dollar, you will win you option. Pair options feature a similar payout to high / low options: You win 80 percent if you win your option, you lose your entire invested amount if you lose your option.

To learn more about StockPair, read our full review here. However if you are ready to start trading, do not hold yourself back. StockPair is a great choice!

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