StockPair Cash Back

StockPair Cash Back Program - LogoStockPair, one of the world’s best binary option brokers, offers many unique features that help brokers be successful. One of the broker’s best offer is the StockPair cash back program.

Depending on your account type, stock pair will give a part of your monthly investment back to you – regardless of whether you have won or lost the trade you invested the money with.

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StockPair Cash Back conditions

In detail, StockPair’s cash back conditions are:

  • Silver account: 0.5 percent
  • Gold account: 1.0 percent
  • Platinum account: 2.0 percent
  • VIP account: 3.0 percent

For the VIP account, this means that you will get a huge 3.0 percent of your total investment back. Since this rule applies to won and lost trades, it increases your winning percentage significantly.

Let’s assume you have won two thirds of your trades this month, a realistic estimate for any successful trader. For every winning trade, the 3.0 percent cash back means that your factual payout increases by 3.0 percent. Should you have won trades with an average payout of 80 percent, the additional 3.0 percent cash back will increase your overall earnings with these trades to 83 percent. You will, however, also receive a 3.0 percent cash back for every lost trade. When calculating your payout, you have to factor these earnings in, too.

Here is how you do that: When you win two thirds of your trades, you lose one third of your trades. In other words, you lose one trade for two winning trades. Therefore, you have to factor half of your earnings on every lost trade into you payout for a winning trade.

In our example, a 80 percent payout translates into: 80% + 3% cash back on the trade + 1.5% cash back for half a losing trade = 84.5%.

In other words: When you win two thirds of your trades, StockPair’s cash back can generate close to 5 percent additional payout. Since StockPair’s payouts are leading the industry even without the cash back factored in, the additional five percent cash back are huge. With such great odds, making money with binary options becomes easy.

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