StockPair Minimum Deposit

StockPair Minimum Deposit - LogoDo you want to know what you can expect when it comes to the StockPair minimum deposit? StockPair uses a very fair and easy minimum deposit policy that makes becoming a binary options trader easy.

How high is the StockPair minimum deposit?

At StockPair, you can deposit money using wire transfer and credit card. The minimum credit card deposit is 200 currency units (US Dollar, British Pound, or Euro, depending on your account settings), for wire transfer there is no StockPair minimum deposit.

There are, however some strong incentives to deposit more money than the minimum deposit. These incentives result from StockPair’s account system.

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Once you have deposited $1,000 or more, you will enter StockPair’s premium account model. Depending on which account level you reach, each account type will provide strong advantages that will help you make more money.

The first account level is the silver account, starting from a minimum deposit of $1,000. With the silver account, you get trade control, a system that allows you to manage your risk automatically, and a cash back of 0.5%.

For a minimum deposit of $5,000, you get the gold account. In addition to the trade control system, the gold account provides you with a personal trade expert, a senior analyst that will analyze your trades and give you feedback on how to maximize your profit, and access to StockPair’s trade indicators. Additionally, the cash back is increased to 1%.

The platinum account starts with a minimum deposit of $20,000. It provides you with the same features as the gold account, but doubles the cash back to 2%. The VIP account, starting at a minimum deposit of $50,000, increases this number even further to 3% cash back.

StockPair’s premium accounts feature a number of strong reasons to deposit more than the minimum amount to open an account. An additional cash back can make the difference between earning and losing money, especially when the effect accumulates over a few months.

We highly recommend depositing at least enough money to get the gold account. While the silver account is a great offer too, having an expert trader analyze your trades and being able to use trading indicators are huge advantages that will make you a more successful trader. Combined with the additional cash back, depositing more than the minimal deposit with StockPair makes great sense.

[table id=18/]

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