TopOption Bonus

TopOption Bonus - logoLooking for information about the TopOption bonus?

Top Option offers the best bonus conditions for binary options traders with little cash: Even for $500, you get a 100% bonus!

How to get the TopOption bonus

When new traders enter the world of binary options, they are prone to make a few mistakes while they learn the basics. A bonus that gives them a much needed cushion is a great advantage for those new traders. Unfortunately, most brokers reserve high bonuses to traders who deposit thousands of Dollars, leaving new traders out to dry with no bonus at all or only small bonuses of 20%.

TopOption does a better at job at helping out new traders, offering a 50% bonus to all traders who deposit $200 or more. That is a unique offer. Most other brokers do not offer bonuses for $200 deposits at all. This low entry requirement makes getting a high bonus easy for new traders.

If you deposit $500 or more with TopOption, you will already get their 100% bonus. This is an insanely low requirement for a 100% bonus, which most brokers asking you to deposit $10,000 or even $50,000 to get a similar bonus.

To get TopOption’s bonus, you only have to open an account and deposit money in it. You will automatically receive the appropriate deposit bonus for the amount of money you have deposited – it does not get any easier to get free money.

There are only two criteria that apply to TopOption’s bonus:

1) You have to invest your bonus a few times before you can withdraw it. Obviously, TopOption does not want a trader to deposit money, receive a bonus, and withdraw it immediately. If they allowed that scheme, TopOption would be broker within minutes. Therefore, they ask you to invest your bonus a few times before you are allowed to withdraw. Any serious trader will not even recognize this requirement.

2) The bonus is limited to $5,000. This means, any deposit up to $5,000 will get a full 100% deposit bonus. Any deposit above that will also receive a bonus of $5,000, thereby reducing the percentage of their bonus. For example, a $10,000 deposit will also receive a deposit bonus of $5,000, thereby effectively reducing the bonus to 50%. For new traders, however, this is not a problem. They have less money and will still receive a 100% bonus.


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