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Do you want to make money the easy way, without having to learn technical analysis? Learn more about the TR Binary Options affiliate program, it could be just perfect for you!

How to make money as a TR Binary Options affiliate

Binary options trading can be highly profitable. Before you can start a successful trading career, however, you need to learn technical analysis, financial management, and the psychological aspect of trading. You need to gather experience and be willing to accept losses.

 > Start earning money as an affiliate with TR Binary Options <

If these things scare you from binary options trading, do not worry. There is another way to make money with binary options – a lot of money: As a TR Binary Options affiliate.

As an affiliate, you are the man who finds new customers for binary option brokers. You can recommend TR Binary Options to your friends, your social media followers, or your blog readers. If one of them signs up for TR Binary Options, you get a bonus.

This system creates a perfect win-win-win situation:

  • Your friend / follower / reader learns about binary options, finds a good broker, and is one step closer to financial freedom – the ideal start to a trading career and a clear win.
  • TR Binary Options gets a new customer – a clear win.
  • You get a reward for connection the new trader with the new broker – another clear win.

TR Binary Options program for affiliates is called RushBucks and is a great way to make money. You can even make a lot of money with it – for every new trader you refer via RushBucks you can get up to $350. In detail, RushBucks’ payout model looks like this:

  • Up to 30 referred traders per month: $175 CPA
  • 31 – 60 referred traders per month: $200 CPA
  • 61 – 90 referred traders per month: $270 CPA
  • 91+ referred traders per month: $350 CPA

As you can see, everyone with a large circle of friends, a lot of social media followers, or an already existing blog can easily make a lot of money with TR Binary Options’ affiliate program.

The best thing about TR Binary Options’ affiliate program is that it also includes three other major brokers. This means, with RushBucks you can refer to four different brokers at the same time, while channeling your referrals all in one account, which makes getting a higher reward per referral easier.

If you would refer 20 traders per month to one broker, you would get $175 per trader and $3,500 in total – which would already be a lot of money. By combining four brokers, however, you can refer four times as many traders, which will get you $16,000 reward – with little to no additional work. Anybody who already has an existing online following can easily make a year’s income within a month with RushBucks.

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