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Do you want to trade innovative, highly profitable binary option types? Then TR Binary Options binary options are exactly what you need.

Available TR Binary Options Binary Options

TR Binary Options offers 5 binary option types. These option types include the usual suspects such as high/low options and 60 seconds options, but also new, highly innovative option types such as option builder and OptionPro. Let’s take a closer look at the TR Binary Options binary options offers:

High/low options

The classic binary option type, high/low options require you to predict whether an asset’s price will rise or fall over a certain period of time. This period of time, called expiry time, can range from a few minutes to a few hours. To invest in rising prices, click “call”, to invest in falling prices, click “put”.

Payouts on high/low options can reach up to 85% with TR Binary Options. Since high/low options allow for the safest predictions of all binary option types, these payouts are easily enough to make money with high/low options. With high/low options, you can invest in stocks, currencies, commodities, indices, and pair options.

Option builder

With option builder, TR Binary Options offers a great new binary option trading tool. While option builder uses regular high/low options, you do not have to choose from pre-defined assets and expiry times. You can build your own option by choosing any asset from TR Binary Options’ long list of available assets and selecting any expiration time over the next 24 hours in 5-minute steps.

Option builder grants you more flexibility than regular high/low options, thereby allowing you to make better, more accurate predictions and profit from any market environment you want.


OptionPro introduces the ability to manage your option after you have invested to binary options. Offering options such as “buy me out”, “rollover”, and “double up”, OptionPro allows you to close your binary option early, extend the expiry time, or double your investment mid-trade.

Being able to profit more from a successful investment or getting out of a bad investment without losing your entire invested amount is a huge help and can increase your earnings significantly.

One touch options

One touch options require you to predict whether the market will reach a certain target price in a given period of time or not. The market does not have to remain at the target price, you will win your option immediately when the market reaches the target price once. Since the target price of one touch options usually is far away from the current market price, one touch options offer a high payout of up 500%.

60 seconds options

60 seconds are the quickest and most risky binary option type, but also the type with the highest earning potential. As the name indicates, 60 seconds options are high/low options with an expiry time of only 60 seconds.

Investments in such a short-paced, highly volatile, and hard to predict market environment are risky. Due to the short expiry time, however, 60 seconds options enable you to make many investment in a short period of time. If you are able to handle the quick market environment, you can therefore win more trades in a short period of time than with any other binary option type, thereby making the highest profit.


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