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Are you tired of FAQs that only answer benign questions? We answer the two most important questions any trader has in our TR Binary Options FAQ.

TR Binary Options FAQ – what really matters

Without further ado, here are the two most important questions any trader has about TR Binary Options:

How can I get the best returns with TR Binary Options?

To get the best returns with trade rush, you should take advantage of the unique features the broker offers. TR Binary Options specializes in highly innovative variations of conventional high/low options that allow you to make more money and trade in any market environment. These variations are option builder and ProOption, both uniquely adaptable to any trading environment.

Option Builder allows you to create your own individual high/low option. You can choose any asset you would like from TR Binary Options’ long list of available assets and create a high or a low option that expires at any time over the next 24 hours. This option provides you with more flexibility and adaptability than conventional high/low options, thereby increasing your earning potential significantly.

ProOption allows you to manage your binary option mid-trade. If you are sure that you will win your option, you can double your investment. If you think that your option needs a little extra time, you can extend its expiry time. If you think that market is turning against you, you can close your option early. All of these options will help you make more money and create higher returns with TR Binary Options than with regular high/low options offered by other brokers.

Another way to increase your earning is the large amount of pair options TR Binary Options offers. With pair options, you do not have to predict whether a single asset will rise of fall, you have to predict how two assets perform in relation to each other. Often, you will be able to make very clear predictions for this type of asset, thereby increasing your winning percentage and your payout.

Is TR Binary Options the right broker for me?

While this is a common question, there is no clear answer. The answer depends on which type of trader you are. If you are a trader that wants to trade a large selection of assets with high/low options and innovative new variations of high/low options, TR Binary Options is the perfect trader for you. The same applies if you want to trade a large selection of pair options. TR Binary Options is leading the market in both types of binary options.

If you want to trade other option types, TR Binary Options might not have exactly what you need. Other brokers offer ladder options and similar option types that might be better for you.


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