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Do you need help with TR Binary Options? We have collected the most common problems and solutions for you in our TR Binary Options Help. Solve your problem now!

TR Binary Options Help for the most common issues

Here are the solutions to the most common problems with TR Binary Options:

How do I verify my account?

Many people have trouble verifying their account. They used the easy sign up process and deposited money, but are now wondering why they can’t start trading. To solve this problem, you need to send pictures of a government issued photo ID (both sides), a prove of residence (such as an utility bill), and, if you deposited your money by credit card, of the credit card (front and back, middle 8 numbers and CVC blacked out) to TR Binary Options. You can send these pictures via email.

After TR Binary Options has received and checked your pictures, they will enable your account for trading. This problem is so common because most other brokers only require validation for withdrawals. TR Binary Options, however, wants to keep their business safe from the start and require verification before you can start trading, which catches many traders off guard.

How do I use TR Binary Options’ many innovative trading tools?

TR Binary Options offers a few new trading tools that can help traders become more successful. On first sight, however, these trading tools might look confusing. Do not worry, though, you can learn them easily and quickly.

ProOption is the first of TR Binary Options’ innovative tools. ProOption allows you to manage your option after you invested. While TR Binary Options’ terminology for ProOption can be confusing at first, it is easy to understand when explained correctly.

Double up: The double up feature allows you to double your investment on your current option. When you are sure that you will win your option, the double up feature is a great way to increase your profit.

Rollover: The rollover feature allows you to extend your option. When you would currently lose your option, but the market is turning in your favor, the rollover feature allows you to keep your option alive long enough to turn into a winner.


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