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Opening an account with TR Binary Options takes only 5 minutes and is completely free. Learn how with our TR Binary Options Open Account.

TR Binary Options Open Account – how to do it

Opening an account with TR Binary Options is quick and easy. Simply follow these three steps and you will be able to start trading in no time:

1. Open an account by filling out the form on TR Binary Options’ homepage

To open an account with TR Binary Options you only need to provide very basic information such as your name, you email address, and your phone number. Enter this information into the form on TR Binary Options’ homepage. After filling out the form, choose the currency you want to trade in, and click “submit”.

Choosing the right currency is important, since you can’t change your selection after you submitted the form. You can select from 7 currencies, which covers the currencies most traders use. If possible, select your home currency for trading, as this will save you from varying exchange rates.

2. Fund your account

To start trading, you need to fund your account after you opened it. You have three options to fund your account: Credit card and debit card, wire transfer, and ewallets. Deposits made by ewallet and credit card or debit card will reach your account immediately, while wire transfer deposits can take up to 5 business days, depending on the customs of the banks in your country.

Also, withdrawals by credit card are only allowed for as much money as you deposited with the same card. If you plan to withdraw money by credit card, you therefore need to deposit money by credit card. Any deposits made by wire transfer or ewallet and any earnings above the amount deposited by credit card can only be withdrawn by wire transfer.

3. Prove your ID

Opening a binary options account is serious business, much like opening a bank account. Therefore, TR Binary Options has to make sure that their customers are all honest traders, not criminals, money launderers, or the like. This security measure is taken by requiring two simple documents that prove, you really are who you claim to be. These documents are:

  • Government photo ID: A picture of an ID such as a passport, a driver’s license, or an ID card. The picture must show the front and the back of the ID, with all information and your picture clearly visible.
  • Proof of residence: Anything that proves that you live where you claim to live – a utility bill, a notary document, etc.
  • If you deposited by credit card: A picture of your credit card, front and back, with the CVV and the middle eight numbers in the front blacked out.

After reading this article on TR Binary Options open account – we hope you are now ready to start your trading career.

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