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You like binary options, but you want to trade more securely? Find out about TR Binary Options security and the tool you need: It’s called ProOption.

How to use ProOption to increase TR Binary Options Security

To increase the security of your trading with TR Binary Options, here are a few innovative ways to trade binary options by using TR Binary Options’ ProOption tool.

The ProOption tool gives you three highly effective ways to manage your binary option after you invested:

  • You can double up on trades that are sure winners.
  • You can exit trades early when the market is threatening to turn against you.
  • You can extend an option when the market is starting to turn in your favor.

Used correctly, these three tools can help you make significantly more money. Imagine, for example, a highly volatile market that is caught in a narrow trading range, maybe between a resistance and a support level, a trend channel, or any other chart formation.

In this situation, you might not be able to exactly predict what the market will do exact, but you know that it is likely that the market will remain in its boundaries. This situation is perfect to invest in a ProOption.

When the market is at the bottom of the trading range, invest in rising prices. When the market is at the top of the trading range, invest in falling prices. With regular high/low options, this would be a risky investment, because you could not guarantee that the market will end on the right side of your option when the option expires. With TR Binary Options’ ProOption, however, you can influence the time your option ends:

  • Should the market be on the right side of your option before the option has expired, simply end the option early using TR Binary Options’ “buy me out” feature.
  • Should the market need a little more time to get on the right side, simply extend your option and wait for the market to turn in your favor.
  • Should the market indicate that you will win your binary option, double up on your investment and generate a higher return.

When you invest at the end of the trading range in a highly volatile market, the market is sure to turn in your favor sooner or later. So far, the timing was the problem with binary options. With ProOption, you now can influence your timing and trade these situations perfectly.


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