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Tropical Trade BrokerIn this Tropical Trade broker review, we will tackle all of the important questions traders have about Tropical Trade.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Why sign up with Tropical Trade?
  • Is Tropical Trade safe?
  • How to sign up with Tropical Trade

With this information, you will immediately be able to start trading with Tropical Trade.

Tropical Trade broker review: Why sign up with Tropical Trade?

The first question any type of trader has about a broker is simple. “Of the hundreds of binary options brokers that are out there, why should I prefer this broker over all others?” Many brokers fail to provide a good answer to this question. Luckily, things are different with Tropical Trade.

Tropical Trade offers a number of unique features that make the broker the ideal partner for specific types of traders. If you belong to one of these groups of traders, you might want to consider signing up with Tropical Trade:

1. Traders of short-term binary options
While binary options are short-term investments generally, there is one type of binary options that takes things to another level. With Tropical Trade, this type is called hyper options. Tropical Trade’s hyper options offer more flexibility and accuracy than any other broker’s short-term options.

Tropical Trade offers their hyper options with expiries of 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 120 seconds, 300 seconds, and 600 seconds. That is a larger variety than you can find anywhere else.

Having more expiries at your disposal means that you can take advantage of more opportunities and can trade more accurately. Both factors will increase your returns, which makes Tropical Trade a great broker for traders that prefer to trade short-term binary options.

2. Traders who like high payouts
Tropical Trade offers payouts of up to 400 percent for their range options and one touch options. While both of these option types involve more risk than high / low options, their significantly higher payouts make them attractive nonetheless. Especially traders that are easily bored by the slow-and-steady approach and that would prefer an exciting strategy will love Tropical Trade’s assets.

  • With one touch options, you can predict that the market will reach a faraway target price. The market only has to touch the target price for a split second; it does not have to remain there. Ideal to trade strong movements, these option types can help you to make a lot of money in specific situations. Finding these situations is the ideal strategy for traders that like to take risks.
  • With range options, you can predict whether the market will trade in a range above or below the current market price. A mix between high / low options and one touch options, this option type is ideal for traders that want to take more as long as they get a higher payout but that currently lack the strong movement that would enable them to invest in a one touch option.

One touch options and range options make for a nice combination that provides risk-takers with the ideal tools they need in the pursuit of higher payouts.

Tropical Trade broker review: Is Tropical Trade safe?

While Tropical Trade offers a great, high potential trading environment, most traders are deeply concerned with another aspect of binary options trading: safety. Let’s see how Tropical Trade handles their safety concerns.

The first thing Tropical Trade does to keep traders save is to encrypt all communication between traders and their website with the SSL encryption protocol. The SSL protocol is the safest thing the web has to offer, which is why you can be absolutely sure that nobody can intercept your transmission and steal your password or any other relevant data.

Additionally, Tropical Trade has paid great attention to the safety of their banking, which has lead to these security features:

  • Money can only be withdrawn to the credit card / debit card it has been deposited with or a bank account in your name. Consequently, even if someone steals the piece of paper on which you have written your login information, this person would be incapable of stealing your money.
  •  Before someone can withdraw money to a new bank account you have never used before, this person has to provide pictures of your ID and a proof of residence. Since some people have the same name as you, this security features makes sure that not even those people could steal your money. Additionally, having to provide clear identification eliminates the chance of criminals using Tropical Trade, for example to launder money.

Combined, these two security features provide complete security. Nobody can intercept your data; nobody can steal your money. What more could you want?

Tropical Trade broker review: How to sign up with Tropical Trade

Tropical Trade’s signup process is just as easy and first-class as the rest of their service. All you need to do to become a member of the Tropical Trade family is follow one of our links, fill out the Tropical Trade signup form, and deposit money into your account.

The entire process takes less than five minutes. Because Tropical Trade offers immediate deposits if you deposit via credit card / debit card or online payment provider, you could even be ready to trade once you complete the process. Make sure to deposit with any method except wire transfer, and you will be ready to go.

No other broker offers a simpler signup process than Tropical Trade. While some brokers offer a similarly simple process, there is no way to gain access to the binary options world than with Tropical Trade. If you like to keep things simple, Tropical Trade is the right broker for you.


The Tropical Trade broker combines powerful short term options with a secure trading environment. If you like the prospect of making more money over a shorter period of time, we suggest you follow one of our links and give Tropical Trade a try now.

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