uBinary Account Types

uBinary Account Types - logoAre you tired of getting low account types because you don’t yet have $50,000 to invest? With the uBinary account types, everyone can get the highest account.

Discover the uBinary Account Types

uBinary’s account system is unique amongst binary options traders. The hight of the uBinary account types is determined by your minimum investment per trade. The more you are willing to invest per trade, the more additional rewards you get.

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Compared to most other binary options brokers, which use higher account types as a reward for higher deposits, thereby condemning most new traders to the lowest account type, uBinary’s system has a great advantage: Every new trader can get the highest account type, if they are willing to invest enough per trade.

Since higher account types come with higher payouts, the platinum account offers up to an unprecedented 95 percent payout, investing more money per trade increases your earning twofold: You get a better payout on a higher investment – almost a no-brainer.

uBinary offers these 5 account types:

Micro account

The micro account has a minimum stake of $20, which is similar to what most other binary options trader require as a minimum investment per trade. You get a bonus of 20 percent, free training, 2 weeks of free signals, and client protection insurance. With the micro account, your maximum payout is 70%.

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Mini account

The mini account keeps the minimum stake at $20, but increases the deposit bonus to 25%. You still get the free training and client protection insurance, but your free signals are extended to one month, you get the expert guide, the flip option, and the buy me out option.

With its additional perks, the mini account is a clear improvement over the micro account, but does not require you to invest more money per trade. Therefore, any trade should get at least the mini account.

Standard account

The standard account increases the minimum stake to $40, the deposit bonus to 30 percent, and the payout to 80 percent. Keeping all other perks from the mini account, the standard account is the ideal place to start for any trader who wants to take trading seriously.

Gold account

With the gold account, the minimum stake increases to $150, the deposit bonus to 40 percent, and the payout to up to 90%. While a $150 minimum investment is a big jump from the $40 of the standard account, getting a 90% payout is huge and reason enough to get the gold account.

Platinum account

The platinum account increases the minimum stakes to $250, the deposit bonus to up to $5,000, and the payout to up to 95%. A 95% payout is unique in the world of binary options and a strong reason to get the platinum account.


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