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uTrader Demo - logouTrader does not offer a demo account. We explain how you can try their excellent service even though you cannot get a uTrader demo.

How can I demo uTrader without a uTrader demo?

uTrader does not offer a demo account.

In the old days of binary options trading, you needed a demo account to test a broker’s trading platform. Luckily, uTrader has a better option available. Registering with uTrader only requires you to fill out a very short form with very basic information: Your name, your email, your currency. That’s it. This sign up process is quicker than what you had to submit to get a demo account in the old days.

After you have registered an account with uTrader, you can access their trading platform – no demo account needed. Of course, you can’t yet invest, because you have not yet deposited money into your account. You can, however, watch every aspect of uTrader’s trading platform in action. Thereby you gain the ability to test every aspect of the broker.

Check which payouts you would receive in different situations and whether uTrader offers high enough payouts in the type of situation you want to trade. See which assets are available at which times, and if you like the assets that are available for each option type. Also make sure if you are able to handle the trading platform error free.

uTrader offers two ways to access their trading platform: You can trade online, using the uTrader web-based trading platform, or on your mobile device, using the uTrader app. Depending on which way of trading you want to use, you need to demo your trading platform accordingly.

To demo the uTrader app, access the Play Store (for Android devices) or the App Store (for Apple devices), search for uTrader and click install. After the app has downloaded and installed, you can log in to your account.

To demo the web-based trading platform, simply open uTrader’s website, log in to your account and open the trading platform.

Both trading platform are similar, and if you can handle one platform you can very likely handle the other. Nonetheless, it is important that you demo the platform you want to use. Sometimes even the smallest things might drive you crazy over the time of an entire trading career.

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