FXMasterBot Review 2019

FXMasterBotRating 5/5
  • Return up to:89%
  • Min. Invest:$25
  • Min. Deposit:$200
  • Price:No
  • Download:No

FXMasterBot is forex trading software that will help you trade in an automated way and bring up your A game! This feature makes it not only user -friendly but also technologically advanced. Till now, traders had to register with two separate software in order to trade forex, and now they can do all that in one place which makes trading even more convenient.

FXMasterBot also has many tools and features that will help traders diversify their trading strategies and styles. This FXMasterBot review will give traders more information about the software, different features, and tools it offers as well as the technology that enables all this to happen.

FXMasterBot Accounts

Unlike many other forex trading software, FXMasterBot offers more than one trading account. As they progress and make deposits, traders will get improved benefit packages that can help traders customize their trading in every way.

Great addition to the entire account selection is also a free FXMAsterBot demo account that is available immediately after registration.

FXMasterBot Novice Account ($250)

The novice account is also the cheapest account that requires only $250 with a broker of your choice. Traders get 3 currency pairs they can trade and can have three opened trades at the same time. Also, they can decide to trade with multiple brokers and can get Leaderboard multiplier x1. Novice account is the most basic account, and as you upgrade you will have more and more benefits.

FXMasterBot Expert Account ($500)

For this account, you have to deposit $500 with a broker that is available on the platform. Traders get access to 9 currenncy pairs, additional trading settings they can use for trading customization and Leaderboard multiplier x2 that increses their chances to top the Leaderboard list. All benefits of Novice account are available as well.

FXMasterBot Master Account (2x$500)

FXMasterBot Master account is the most prestigious of all and can be obtained after making a $500 with two brokers on the platform. You can check out the list of all brokers in the trading room. Traders who decide to upgrade to the last level can expect Leaderboard multiplier x3, a feature that comes in handy for those who want to win cash prizes. All advanced settings will be unlocked, just like currency pairs and VIP customer support. All benefits of Expert account are includes, as well.

FXMasterBot Demo Account

FXMasterBot review showed how demo account is completely free of charge. Traders don’t even have to make a deposit in order to test the platform. FXMasterBot demo is a genuine copy of the real trading room with one big exception – the funds are virtual. Demo account is usually used to learn more about the platform and the way trades are placed, so we truly appreciate this addition. Demo account is available to all traders, but only for 5 days, so make sure to utilize it as much as possible.

Basically, all traders can select one out of three offered accounts, and also get a free demo for a better start in trading. We always advise using a demo account if possible as it helps traders get familiar with the trading room.

FXMasterBot Auto Trading Software

FXMasterBot review showed how trading possibilities with this software are almost endless, as there are various tools, features and trading types that can be activated with a single click. FXMasterBot offers both manual trading with traditional signals and automated trading, as well  as forex. Traders can simply activate the trading types they prefer and enjoy in a more customized experience.

Some of the trading settings that are available in the trading room are:

  • Compound wins – tool that allows you to increase your earnings when you are already making profit
  • Reverse trading – activate it if you wish to trade opposite of what software suggests
  • Max concurrent trades – the number of trades that can take place at the same time
  • Daily take profit – a limit set so that software stops trading after a certain profit has been reached
  • Daily stop loss – risk management tool
  • Max daily trades – maximum number of trades you want to execute in a day

FXMasterBot Forex Trading

FXMasterBot is offering forex trading as well. Forex trading is a bit different, but nor more complicated. All forex traders can take advantage of Stop Loss and Take Profit features that can be used for more effective money and risk management. This way the software understands when the trader wishes to close the trade. In forex automated trading on FXMasterBot, the software immediately applies trader’s preferences onto every trade.

FXMasterBot Software Explained

FXMasterBot review showed how this software takes trading to a whole new level thanks to the advanced technology that supports both automated and manual trading, as well as forex trading. Even though it is advanced, it is not complicated to use as it is web-based, which means it can be opened in a browser without any installations, downloads or updates.

Once the traders open an account and test it thanks to FXMasterBot demo, they can also make a deposit with one of the brokers available in the trading room. FXMasterBot is not a broker so it doesn’t process any withdrawals or deposits, but traders must have a trading account with a forex broker in order to trade. Keep in mind that the broker has to be selected in the trading room, so everything is connected properly on a technological level.

FXMasterBot Leaderboard Explained

Leaderboard is an amazing feature that allows you not only to compare the results with the results of others, but also to win cash prizes. In order to take your spot on the leaderboard, a simple calculation must take place. All points on the leaderboard are calculated in the same way, by using a simple formula:

Trade volume x multiplier + (deposits-withdrawals)

As you can see, this is where the Leaderboard multiplier feature really comes in handy. The more advanced account you have, the bigger the multiplier will be.

FXMasterBot Customer Support

Customer support is of crucial importance for every trader, no matter whether a newbie or an expert. Customer support won’t give you trading advice, but can help you understand the registration process and different features offered. We are happy to say how FXMasterBot has excellent customer support that is well educated on all things related to the product.

The customer support can be reached via live chat. Traders don’t have to be registered to chat. During the review we tested the FXMasterBot customer support. They always responded quickly and gave us precise answers.

There is also an extensive FAQ section that gives traders more information and answers the most common questions. This is also a good place to start if you are not ready for a chat.

FXMasterBot Deposit and Withdrawal

As already mentioned, no money is ever deposited with FXMasterBot,. Which means that no money can be withdrawn from this free software either. All transactions, deposits, and withdrawals alike, are processed by one ore multiple brokers you have chosen in the trading room. FXMasterBot only delivers the service of automated trading.

Minimum deposit with most brokers is $250, and withdrawal depends from broker to broker. FXMasterBot is free, and will never charge you any additional fees or any of the mentioned transactions. FXMasterBot charges no commission either.

FXMasterBot Review – Conclusion

FXMasterBot is very advanced auto trading software that can be used for forex trading – that is exactly what makes it so much different from other similar products. Traders can also enjoy amazing trading features that allow customization on a higher level. Traders can also upgrade their accounts as they gain more and more experience, and can also count on customer support that will provide them with answers they need. It is also important to mention a free demo which allows traders to test their skills and knowledge before real trading. Traders who seek for more excitement will be thrilled by the LEaderboard, unique and very interesting way of making additional

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