OptionRobot Review 2018

OptionRobotRating 5/5
  • Return up to:Up to 83%
  • Min. Invest:1$
  • Min. Deposit:$250
  • Price:No
  • Download:No

OptionRobot first appeared on the market in 2017. To make our review of how this software works, we have made an account. We were surprised by the simplicity of the product itself and the features and tools that make it interesting.

The software similar to this traders use every day, so we will try to show you the work, functionality and special features of this robot in the next section.

Option Robot review will display this software’s work and hopefully, you will ultimately be able to make a decision whether you want to use this software or others similar to it.

OptionRobot Account Features

The process of creating a user account on OptionRobot seems simple. You need to enter your name, surname, email address, phone number, and accept the terms and conditions.

OptionRobot works in such a way that brokers are already predetermined so traders do not need to investigate which broker supports their country. After the account is created, traders are redirected to the trading dashboard.

Within the dashboard, the trading interface has more options like Overview, Brokers, Settings, and Support. Also, the same tab contains options such as current trading and live trading.

On Brokers tab you can choose the broker you want to make a real money deposit with. Brokers are most often distributed to countries and the only thing you need to do is connect your broker to start trading with it.

Also, by pressing Deposit Money button traders have the option to choose a payment option and enter the amount which they want to invest.

The Settings tab is where you will find all the options, features, and tools you can use for trading.

At the top of the screen, there are expiry times: 60s, 90s, 2m, 3m, and 5m. On the right side of your screen, traders can change the trade amount in the drop-down menu and it goes from 1 € to 1500 €.

OptionRobot Indicators

The Indicators tab allows you to choose the indicator you want to use while trading and the options are:

Trend – An indicator that monitors the trends associated with market-based assets

RSI – Based on the average gains and losses, this relative strength indicator calculates the momentum between assets. It is considered an oscillating indicator and a large number of traders use it daily in trading

Williams – is developed by Larry Williams. Potential price movements are constantly changing on the market. With this indicator, which is an additional point with a Stoch indicator, it is easier to keep track of the changes.

MACD – This indicator shows the correlation between the two average prices. It is popular among traders because it can be used as a trend or momentum indicator.

Stoch – The Stochastic Oscillator is an indicator that shows the comparison of closing prices over a period of time and compares them

CCI – The Commodity Channel Index will help you identify new market movements and warn you of unexpected and sudden changes

After we have listed and explained the indicators, there is still one feature left. It is called the Best Settings and you will find it at the bottom of the screen. You can literally copy some settings and set them as your own way of trading.

OptionRobot Trading Platform

Minimum deposit to use OptionRobot is $250.

The OptionRobot says that traders can withdraw at any stage by clicking the “Withdraw” button on the trading platform. From there you will be redirected to your account withdrawal page. Please read all withdrawal instructions so you can proceed with the withdrawal process.

The OptionRobot contains a demo account option where you can test your virtual money account. After you click on the “Try out demo account” option, you’ll get a notification that there’s $ 1,000 worth of virtual money in your account to test features and tools with OptionRobot.com. Traders need to press the AutoTrading button and trade with virtual money can begin.

It’s important to note that it’s a good idea to do demo account testing because traders can find mistakes they are doing and benefit from all the features to improve their trading skills.

While trading, traders are able to choose three strategies:

  • Classic System – According to the broker, this system is considered the most safe and secure, however, it remains uknown what OptionRobot considers a ‘Classic’ System
  • Martingale System – Usually it is used to make quick profits. This strategy is considered more risky and is therefore not recommended for beginners
  • Fibonacci System – The trade size will be set regardless of whether the trader has positive or negative results. Also, this trading system has the support of MACD indicators.

The platform has been translated into over ten languages so traders will not have a language barrier.

As the OptionRobot indicates, only three basic steps are needed to start the OptionRobot trades:

  • Join
  • Deposit
  • Auto Trade

OptionRobot also points that the average winning ratio is up to 83%.

Regarding the settings, options, and trading features, we think that OptionRobot goes hand in hand with the more experienced traders, but with the demo account and all that we’ve been pointing out during this review, beginners should not have difficulties when they start trading with OptionRobot.

OptionRobot Customer Support

If you have any questions or requests about the use of OptionRobot.com you can send an email to contact@optionrobot.com.

OptionRobot also advises us to read the FAQ page because it has been explained quite a lot in it. Therefore, it is unnecessary to send inquiries to the already answered questions.

One of the important benefits of the site itself is live chat support. At the moment you appear on the page, a window pops up in the bottom right corner and the customer support agent represents himself.

Traders can ask customer support agent any questions regarding the OptionRobot account and ask for help. Customer Support is online 24/7 so you can contact them at any time.

OptionRobot Company Information

OptionRobot.com is established in 2017. They accept USA traders, however, that depends on the area and brokers that accept USA traders. We contacted customer support to try to find out more about the company itself, but unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. We are told that they are unable to provide such information.

Default Broker – US – NADEX