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Banc De Binary
  • Return up to:90%
  • Min. Invest:$10
  • Min. Deposit:$250
  • Demo Account:Yes
  • Livechat:Yes

Old Banc De Binary review

Old Banc De Binary review

Banc De Binary is the Mercedes of binary options brokers. Combining one of the oldest, most respected services with a long list of first-class features and a commitment to constant improvement, Banc De Binary’s service leaves little to be desired.

Since its inception in 2010, the website has gained a huge client based from over a hundred countries in the world. To help you understand whether you should join Banc De Binary, too, we will answer these questions:

  • What does Banc De Binary do?
  • Which special features does Banc De Binary offer?
  • Which types of traders should trade with Banc De Binary?
  • How can I get started with Banc De Binary?

With the answers to these questions, you will know everything you need to get a successful start with Banc De Binary. Pay attention to our points on the Banc De Binary demo account, and you will even be able to start risk-free, allowing you to enter the binary options world with a guarantee of success.

What does Banc De Binary do?

Banc De Binary is a binary options broker. In this function, Banc De Binary offers you binary options based on stocks, indices, currencies, and commodities. With these binary options, you can invest in predictions about an asset’s price. For example, you can predict that an asset’s price will rise or fall over a given period of time, that an asset’s price will reach a target price, or that one asset will perform better than another asset.

Banc De Binary’s main business is to define the asset’s it offers predictions for, the type of prediction it offers, and the payout it offers you on these assets. You can view all of these offers and select the one that you like best.

The important thing to understand about binary options is that you do not buy or sell an asset itself, you only invest in a prediction about this asset. This fundamental difference has three important consequences:

  1. You can make more money than the asset’s performance. With conventional assets such as stocks, you make as much money as the stock’s performance. If the stock rises 3 percent, you gain 3 percent. With binary options from Banc De Binary, however, your profit depends on your prediction. Even the smallest possible movement can easily generate a profit of around 80 percent if you predicted its direction correctly. In this way, binary options are a great way to make a lot of money with small movements.
  2. You can profit from rising and falling prices. Because your profit with binary options does not depend on the underlying asset’s performance, you can even make money with Banc De Binary when the asset’s price falls. Banc De Binary makes it easy to profit from any market environment. Even if prices are down, you can make 80 percent and more on a single trade.
  3. You can get different payouts from different brokers. Since your profit with binary options is between you and your broker, different brokers might offer different payouts on the same prediction. It can make great sense to search for a broker that pays the highest payouts for your type of strategy. Luckily, Banc De Binary provides some of the highest payouts in the binary options world. But more on this later.

Which special features does Banc de Binary offer?

To help you understand how the Banc De Binary service works and whether Banc De Binary is right for you, we will now take a closer look at Banc De Binary’s features.



Banc De Binary also offers a completely web-based trading platform. You do not need to download and install any files to use the platform, you simply open the Banc De Binary website, select the trading platform, and start trading.

Alternatively, you can also download one of Banc De Binary mobile trading apps on your mobile phone or tablet. The Banc De Binary app is available in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

Regardless of whether you trade with the Banc De Binary app or the online platform, both platforms convince with an easy usability and an intuitive user interface. Every function is exactly where you expect it to be and does what you expect it to do, which puts you in the perfect position to trade quickly, comfortably, and efficiently. The navigation is smooth and even complete newcomers should have no problems using the platform.

Payout and bonus

The payout and the bonus are the most advertised aspects of any binary options broker. The payout defines how much profit you make if you win a binary option, and the bonus defines how much money you get as a free gift when you make a deposit with Banc De Binary. Let’s look at both aspects individually.

Up to 91 percent payout guarantee your long-term success
The payout is the most important factor to your long-term trading success. With payouts of up to 91 percent, Banc De Binary is one of the brokers with the highest payouts.

To underline the importance of high payouts, consider this example: When a broker offers a payout of only 1 percent more than a competitor, and a trader wins five trades a day with 20 trading days a month, the broker with the higher payout would help the trader to make an extra profit of 270 percent the original investment within one month.

Over longer periods of time, this difference becomes even more significant.

  • Over three months, an extra 1 percent payout would result in an extra profit of 1,978 percent. If the original investment on the first trade was $10, this would result in an extra profit of $197.80.
  • Over six months, an extra 1 percent payout would result in an extra profit of 39,158 percent. If the original investment on the first trade was $10, this would result in an extra profit of $3,915.80.
  • Over three months, an extra 1 percent payout would result in an extra profit of 15,333,755 percent. If the original investment on the first trade was $10, this would result in an extra profit of $1,533,375.50.

As you can see, even small differences in payouts make a huge difference over the period of one year. This is like the example of the rice grain and the chess field – once compound interest enters the picture, small numbers can grow quickly. With short-term investments such as binary options, you can place so many trades per day that compound interest is one of the most essential factors to your success.

Banc De Binary’s high payouts help you to come out on the better side of this mathematical connection.

Up to 100 percent deposit bonus accelerate your start
Where the payout is an important factor to your long-term success, the deposit bonus is your short-term help to get started. When you deposit money with Banc De Binary, you get a part of the money you deposited extra – for free.

For deposits of $2,500 or more, you get a deposit bonus of 100 percent. This means that when you deposit $3,000 with Banc De Binary, for example, your final account balance will be $6,000. Banc De Binary will give you the extra $3,000 for free.

For newcomers, such a high bonus is a great gift. It can accelerate your trading careers significantly, and it can provide you with the cushion you need to try a few things. Regardless of what you plan to do with the money, an extra $3,000 never hurt anybody.

The strategy advisor can help you find profitable trading opportunities

Banc De Binary has introduced a unique new tool. The strategy advisor can help you find profitable trading opportunities by applying professional market analysis tools automatically. You can choose the relative strength index (RSI), moving averages, or Bollinger bands, and the strategy advisor will analyze the market for you based on these tools.

The strategy advisor takes about ten seconds to perform its analysis. Once the analysis is complete, it presents the result to you, and you can invest based on this analysis with one click. If the strategy advisor predicts rising prices, for example, you can immediately click the button to invest in rising prices one the analysis is complete.

In our experience, the strategy advisor has worked well. You should, however, know when to use each indicator and which limitations apply to each of the indicators ability to predict market movements. The moving average, for example, is great for trending markets but useless in sideways movements. Consequently, you should switch to Bollinger bands once the market starts to move sideways. On this site, you can find articles on each of the three indicators, helping you to understand when you should use which of them.

Account types

With Banc De Binary, opening an account is easy. All you need to do is provide some personal information. There are no fees, and to start trading, you only need to deposit $250. Compared to other brokers, this is at the lower end of the spectrum. Some brokers ask you to deposit at least $500 or more, and brokers that allow you to get started for less than $250 are very rare.

  1. The Micro Silver Account is the basic account with $250 minimum deposit. It gives you access to regular trading and daily market analysis.
  2. The Standard Gold Account starts for a minimum deposit of $2,501 and provides you with the first sign-up bonus.
  3. The Personal Account Manager Reserved Account requires a minimum deposit of $5,001 and provides you with access to an account manager, binary signals, and special binary options trading classes.
  4. The VIP Lions Club Account is the most elite account. To get this top-level service, you need to deposit $50,000 or more. The membership will grant you the highest priority and first access to all option contracts in addition to the features of all the other accounts.



Banc De Binary offers over 90 assets in four categories. These categories are:

  • Stocks,
  • Indices,
  • Commodities, and
  • Currencies.

In every category, you can find small and big assets from all over the world. In currencies, for example, you can trade big currency pairs such as the EUR/USD, the GBP/JPY, and the EUR/GBP, but also smaller assets such as the AUD/NZD, the CAD/USD, or the JPY/AUD. Similarly, you can trade small and big stocks from the U.S., Europe, and Asia, and indices from all over the world.

With this selection of assets, Banc De Binary has found a nice compromise of variety and simplicity. Some brokers offer up to 200 assets, which can complicate things without offering an additional value. Other brokers focus on a core selection of around 20 assets, which can be a too narrow of a selection to offer every trader the assets they need. With Banc De Binary, you get the best of both worlds without losing simplicity or variety.

Transaction methods

Banc De Binary allows their customers to deposit and withdraw money in the way they like. You can make a transaction via a variety of methods like wire transfer, credit or debit card, MoneyBookers, Alertpay, etc.

All deposits other than wire transfer are booked to your account instantly. When you open a new account and deposit money with your credit card or an online payment provider, you can begin your trading career immediately.

Banc De Binary also processes withdrawal requests quickly. Usually, you should have your money within two days, online wire transfer will take longer, depending on how quickly your bank will book the money to your account.

All deposits and withdrawals with Banc De Binary are free. While some brokers charge their clients $30 and more for making a withdrawal, Banc De Binary does it for free. Over the time of a trading career, which can require weekly and monthly withdrawals to pay the bills, saving $30 per withdrawal can make a huge difference. Even if you get by on one withdrawal a month, much like a regular paycheck, you will still save $360 a year with Banc De Binary.

All in all, Banc De Binary’s banking is perfect. You get all the options, and you get them for free – what more could you ask for?

Customer service

Banc De Binary has an award winning customer service. When you are facing any problem you can contact the customer support via postal mail, email, Skype, phone, or live chat. The live chat is available 24/7 with almost no waiting time. The customer support executives are very skilled and professionally trained to solve your issues.

Minimum trading amount

You can buy an option for as little as $1. This is the lowest minimum investment of all brokers. Especially new traders who are reluctant to invest a lot of money into something they have not mastered yet can profit from this low entry requirement. It allows them to test the waters cheaply and learn the basics before you invest big.

Other brokers require you to invest as much as $5 or even $25 per trade, which is a lot of money for a new trader or a trader who is low on cash. With Banc De Binary, you can get 25 trades for the price of one trade with many brokers, which reduces risk, allows you to adjust your investment to your account balance better, and helps you to enter the market without having to invest a large part of your account balance in one trade.

In this way, Banc De Binary offers the ideal minimum investment for all trades. $1 is the absolute minimum they have to use, which makes things easy for you. If you want to invest more, you can always do so, but you have the full bandwidth of possible investments at your disposal at any time.

A high-powered demo account

Banc De Binary offers one of the most high-powered demos in the market. The Banc De Binary demo works exactly like a real trading account. You get all the features, all the binary options types, and all the assets, but you can trade them with play money instead of real money.

This system allows you to test binary options risk-free. You can take your first steps in the world of binary options without having to fear to lose a lot of money due to rookie mistakes. You can develop your skills and your strategy without losing a single Cent. And you can try tweaks and new elements to your trading risk-free before you trade them with real money.

In short: thanks to the Banc De Binary demo, you only have to trade with real money when you know that you will turn a profit. Until then, you can prepare in the risk-free environment of your demo account. What could be better?

The Banc De Binary demo has two significant advantages over all other binary options demos out there:

  1. It offers $50,000 in play money. Other demos only provide you with $1,000 or similar amounts, which creates a different trading environment. The Banc De Binary demo is the only demo that allows experienced traders to test new strategies in a market environment that resembles their real-money environment, and it is the only demo that can get newcomers a glimpse of what professional binary options trading can be like. If you want to feel rush and excitement, without risking anything, the Banc De Binary demo is ideal for you.
  2. The Banc De Binary demo is with Banc De Binary. We might be stating the obvious here, but it is important to mention that the Banc De Binary demo does more than just grant you risk-free access to a binary options broker – you get access to the binary options broker. Where other brokers might trouble you with unsafe businesses or too low payouts, the Banc De Binary demo allows you a taste of what trading with a first-class broker can be like. If a good demo is important to you, you should accept nothing less.

The Banc De Binary demo is a feature of your regular trading account. This means you will get the demo in the simplest way possible, without having to sign up for a second account or managing multiple logins. This is especially helpful if you want to try new elements for your strategy by trading your current strategy and its tweaked version simultaneously. Only Banc De Binary’s system makes switching between both accounts so easy that you can trade a trading opportunity with both strategies.


Banc De Binary offers its service in more languages than most other brokers. Where most brokers limit you to English, Banc De Binary allows its customers to choose from a variety of languages like English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian.

For traders who are not perfect in English, Banc De Binary’s multilingual platform can be a great help. It allows them to trade in the language they understand best, thereby minimizing mistakes, allowing you to trade more efficiently, and saving you money.

Banc De Binary’s customer support is multi-lingual, too. When you have a problem, this can make it much easier for you to communicate this problem and understand what you are supposed to do to solve it.

Education center

Banc De Binary has a well-equipped education center where you can learn the basics as well as advanced strategies about binary options trading.

Banc De Binary’s education center offers four tools:

  • Video lessons,
  • Ebooks,
  • Interactive courses, and
  • Online guides.

With these tools, every trader can find the way that allows them to learn efficiently, making it easy for all types of traders to learn the skills to trade successfully.

Banc De Binary’s education center covers everything from the basics and how to use their trading platform to more advanced issues such as trading strategies and money management. Once you are done with that, you can even learn how to keep improving your strategy and maximize your profits.

All in all, Banc De Binary offers one of the best education centers you can find in binary options brokers. While there are some brokers that offer similarly well-equipped education centers with similarly versatile tools, no broker offers a better education center than Banc De Binary.


Security is one of the most-overlooked aspects of choosing a binary options broker. All the greatest features are useless if your broker lacks the security features to protect your money. Luckily, Banc De Binary offers three security features that keep your money completely safe. These features are:

1. Government regulation
Banc De Binary is regulated by the European Union in the form of the Cyprian Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The CySEC enforces the strong regulation passed by the European Union in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

Thanks to Banc De Binary’s government regulation, you can be sure that you get an honest service that abides by the same standards as a regular bank.

One of the most important effects of this regulation is that Banc De Binary has to keep enough money in a separate account to buy out all of their customers if the company should have to file for bankruptcy. With a non-regulated broker, all of your money could be gone in such a case – that is the risk you take. With Banc De Binary, however, you would get all your money back, regardless of what happens to the broker.

This feature explains why good security is so important. With Banc De Binary, your money is safe. With a less secure broker, it could be gone at any second. Why would you take that chance?

2. SSL encryption
The most vulnerable point of any online business is the communication between you and the platform. When you send your password and other personal information, a knowledgeable hacker can intercept your transmission and use your password for their purposes.

Luckily, there is an effective way to prevent such actions. This way is the SSL encryption protocol. The SSL protocol is the safest thing the web has to offer, and it can encode any transmission between you and your broker in a way that nobody can encode. Even the biggest banks use the SSL protocol for their online banking and their internal communication.

The SSL protocol has only one disadvantage: your broker has to pay money for it. Some brokers are reluctant to invest in such an essential but difficult-to-advertise feature. After all, customers focus on high payouts over security, which makes spending money for security less attractive.

Banc De Binary, however, has done the right thing and invested in the SSL protocol. Consequently, all your transmissions between you and the broker are 100 percent safe, and you get the comfortable feeling of knowing that nobody can steal your money.

3. Thorough validation process for every withdrawal
With the SSL protocol protecting your communication with Banc De Binary, there is still one major concern for security looming: the human factor. Traders are human beings, and as such, we create security risks. Sometimes, we write our password on a piece of paper and lose this paper. Sometimes, we tell our password to our partners and then end the relationship, leaving us worrying about our money. Sometimes we use our birthday as a password and leave our accounts vulnerable.

To make sure that nobody can steal a trader’s money even if someone knows the trader’s password, Banc De Binary employs a thorough validation process for every new withdrawal method. First of all, nobody can withdraw money from your account to a bank account that is not in your name or to a credit card other than the exact same credit card you used to deposit the money.

While this rule eliminates most problems, Banc De Binary went even further to ensure your money’s safety: before someone can withdraw money to an account you have never used before, they have to provide a picture of your ID and your proof of residence. Since only you can withdraw your money, nobody can steal it.

Of course, this process only applies to new withdrawal methods. When you want to withdraw money to an account you have used before; you can do so quickly and without proving any documents.

In this way, Banc De Binary can guarantee that only you are able to access your money while still offering a straightforward, simple withdrawal process – the ideal combination.

Which type of traders should trade with Banc De Binary?

Now that we have looked at the long list of Banc De Binary features, let’s see which types of traders can use these features to make money and how they can maximize their profits with Banc De Binary. We will look at each type of trader individually.

Traders that should choose Banc De Binary #1: Experienced traders

Traders that have been in the market for a while need a unique type of broker, and Banc De Binary is ideal for these traders. Experienced traders need a broker that offers them high payouts, first-class security, and a high-powered demo with which they can test new strategies.

Banc De Binary scores high on all of these aspects. The Banc De Binary demo is the most high-powered demo in the market, you can get some of the best payouts of all brokers, and the security leaves little to be desired.

With this combination, Banc De Binary allows experienced traders to fine-tune their strategies in a risk-free environment until they know that they can make money. Then, they can adapt these strategies to real-money trading and use Banc De Binary’s industry-leading payouts to turn a profit more easily than with most other brokers. Finally, Banc De Binary’s first class security features provide you with the peace of mind you need to sleep well while you have deposited a lot of money with a broker.

This ideal combination is unique to Banc De Binary and a significant reason for experienced traders to take a good, long look at Banc De Binary.

Traders that should choose Banc De Binary #2: New traders that want excitement

Newcomers two binary options fall into two categories: some want to start out slow, with a demo that resembles the trading environment they encounter when first starting to trade – a demo with little money and a focus on secure binary options types.

Other traders want to start out quick, with a demo that allows them to get a glimpse of what trading like a professional would be like – a demo with a lot of money, plenty of assets, and all the binary options types in the world. These traders believe that if they want to become professionals, they should test whether they like the environment of a professional trader and whether they can function in it.

For this type of trader, Banc De Binary is the ideal broker. No other broker offers a similarly high-powered binary options demo, and no other broker can give you a realistic feeling of what the life of a professional broker can be like.

Whether you want to prepare yourself for long-term success or just want to have some short-term fun, Banc De Binary is the ideal broker for you.

Traders that should choose Banc De Binary #3: Traders that want high quality

While there are many good binary options brokers out there, some of them can be a little rough around the edges. With Banc De Binary, things are like in a German car: everything is well-thought out and works perfectly.

This difference becomes apparent when you look at some of the minor features of binary options brokers. Most brokers offer their platform in English only; other brokers might offer two languages. For most traders in the world, this means that they have to trade in a language that is not their native tongue. With Banc De Binary, you get a full selection of assets, and their support speaks multiple languages, too. Similarly, there are more payment and withdrawal options than with most other brokers, and everything is a bit quicker and more trader-friendly.

For many traders, these less-advertised traders can be an invaluable asset to their long-term trading success. Having the tools that allow you to react quickly and error-free to new trading opportunities can help you to take advantage of more trading opportunities and increase your profits.

How to get started with Banc De Binary

If Banc De Binary is the right broker for you, you can get started with Banc De Binary within a few minutes. Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Follow one of our links to the Banc De Binary sign-up form.
  2. Fill out and send the signup form.
  3. Deposit money in your new account.

By sending the signup form, you create your account. To activate your account and have something to trade with, you need to deposit money into your account. Once you have completed your deposit, you can access all of Banc De Binary’s features, including the demo account.

We recommend that new traders familiarize themselves with the demo account and Banc De Binary’s education center before they start trading with real money. These tools allow you to switch to real-money trading only after you know that you will be successful and turn a profit. This is a chance you should capitalize on.


Banc De Binary is a well-managed binary options broker that puts the interest of its clients first. You get high payouts, one of the best demos in the world, and a great selection of well-thought-out tools. With such great tools at hand, there is little reason not to sign up with Banc De Binary.

Especially experienced traders, traders looking for quality in all aspects of their trading, and newcomers who want to feel the thrill of big investments can profit from Banc De Binary. This list covers almost everybody, which is one of the main reasons why we recommend Banc De Binary – Banc De Binary is a great broker, and regardless of what you are trying to do with binary options, having a great broker is always better than having a lesser broker.

If you want to enjoy a long, successful trading career, we recommend you give Banc De Binary a try now.

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