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Empire Option
  • Return up to:85%
  • Min. Invest:$25
  • Min. Deposit:$200
  • Demo Account:No
  • Livechat:Yes

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With payouts of 170 percent on high / low options, EmpireOption offers the most powerful binary options in the world. All other aspects of their business live up to the same high standards. In this article, we have tested all features of EmpireOption and let you know how you can use them to make money.

In this article, we have analyzed these feature of EmpireOption:

  • EmpireOption special features,
  • EmpireOption assets and binary options types,
  • EmpireOption banking, and
  • EmpireOption security.

With this information, you will know everything you need to increase your profits with EmpireOption.

EmpireOption special features

EmpireOption special features

While the high payouts are certainly EmpireOption’s most impressive feature, EmpireOption offers a number of other special features that help traders to make money with binary options. Let’s take a look at these features one by one.

An easy to handle trading platform allows you to trade intuitively

The broker’s trading platform manages to provide traders with a lot of functionality while still remaining intuitive to understand and easy to handle.

You have your binary options types at the top, your assets to the left, and your price chart in the main frame to the right. Next to the price chart, two big arrows indicate the two directions you can invest in. This setup is so intuitive; even a complete newcomer will immediately know what to do. You start at the top by selecting your option type and then work your way from the left to the right like you would do when you read.

EmpireOption’s demo uses the human brains’ hardwiring to let you know what to do. This approach allows EmpireOption to put a lot of features into their trading platform but still keep the platform easy to use – a great advantage for every trader.

The simulator helps you to know what to invest in

If you are sometimes unsure how an event will affect the market, EmpireOption has the tool you need. The EmpireOption simulator predicts what will happen after a specific event, allowing you to predict market movements and know which direction you need to invest in.

If you currently lack a strategy, the EmpireOption simulator could be a great help for you. Simply watch the news, watch for them to announce an event that will impact the markets, and then run this event through the EmpireOption simulator. The simulator will tell you the asset and the direction to invest in, which is enough for you to trade a binary option. Of course, you should never invest all your money on a prediction by the EmpireOption simulator, but as long as you keep your investment to 2 to 3 percent of your overall capital, you should be fine.

Sooner or later, you will learn to predict the market direction yourself. Then you can replace the simulator with your own knowledge and expand the strategy with other bits of knowledge that you picked up. The simulator is a great tool to get you started and help you understand the basics.

A demo enables you to learn binary options risk-free

If you are new to binary options, you are probably reluctant to invest real money into a trading style that you have never tried before. To help you train your skills before you invest, the broker offers a demo account. The demo account is free, which means that you can test EmpireOption completely risk-free.

With the demo, you can trade with play money instead of real money. This setup allows you to test all aspects of binary options and binary options trading risk-free. You can learn whether you have what it takes to trade binary options successfully, which strategy suits you best, and whether you like EmpireOption. This is the perfect setup to take your first steps.

Compared to other brokers, the EmpireOption demo offers all the same features that most demos offer. Since demos are simply regular accounts with play money, demos are relatively similar.

To get the EmpireOption demo, you have to register with EmpireOption and then ask customer support to activate your demo. This is the typical procedure the overwhelming majority of binary options brokers employs. In the process of getting an account with EmpireOption, you also have to deposit money with the broker. Nonetheless, the demo is free. Once you are done with your demo, you can withdraw the money you deposited.

EmpireOption offers these binary options types:

EmpireOption offers these binary options types:

Digital options
The broker’s version of high / low options is called digital options. While they work just like high / low options, there is one big difference: you can get higher payouts. Depending on the current market environment, you can get payouts of up to 180 percent. With other brokers, you can consider yourself lucky if you get half of that, which makes EmpireOption a great place for brokers that want to trade high / low options.

Touch options
Touch options, or one touch options as most brokers call them, enable you to predict whether the market will reach a faraway target price. Touch options are meant to be a high-risk/high-reward alternative to high / low, which is why they provide higher payouts of up to 250 percent. With most brokers, this relationship works well because they only offer payouts of up to 80 percent of 85 percent on their high / low options.

Since EmpireOption offers payouts of up to 180 percent for high / low options, this relationship stops working. The added payout of one touch options is too small to justify the added risk. We recommend you invest in high / low options instead of one touch options with EmpireOption.

Range options
Range options are a mix of high / low options and one touch options. Allowing you to predict whether the market will trade in a range above or below the current market price, range options are meant to offer a medium-risk alternative to fill the gap between high / low options and one touch options.

As we have pointed out earlier, with this broker, there is no such gap. Consequently, the basic premise of range options suffers from the same problem as one touch options: compared to high / low options, the only marginally higher payout fails to justify the higher risk. We, therefore, recommend preferring high / low options over range options with EmpireOption.

Turbo options
Turbo options are EmpireOption’s version of 60 seconds options. Turbo options adapt the basic principle of high / low options to ultra-short time frames. With expiries from 30 seconds to 300 seconds, turbo options allow you to trade even the shortest market movements.

In terms of profitability, turbo options are the only options type in EmpireOption’s arsenal that can rival the profitability of their high / low options. With similarly high payouts as high / low options but much shorter expiries, turbo options allow you to make the same profit per trade but win more trades in the same period of time, which results in a higher earning potential. With EmpireOption’s turbo options, you can make more money over a specific period of time than with any other asset from any broker.

Of course, turbo options require you to trade a nervous, erratic market environment. Not every trader is made to turn a profit under these conditions, which is why turbo options present the legitimate high-risk/high-return alternative to high / low options in EmpireOption’s selection of binary options types. If you feel comfortable trading short-term market movements, go ahead. But if you do not, stick with high / low options.

All in all, EmpireOption binary options offer two main tools, high / low options, and turbo options. These two assets offer twice the payout you can get with other brokers, which is an insane advantage in making money.

This advantage is so significant that it renders all of EmpireOption’s other binary options types useless. Their marginally increased payouts fail to justify the increased these option types include. While EmpireOption’s touch options and range options would stack up nicely against the same option types of other brokers, if you are trading with empireoption, we recommend you stick with high / low options and turbo options to increase your profits.

EmpireOption banking

Banking with EmpireOption is easy, but there are a few things you have to consider to make your deposits and withdrawals with EmpireOption perfect.

EmpireOption offers these three deposit methods:

  • Credit card / debit card,
  • Online payment provider, and
  • Wire transfer.

Of these methods, two are also available for withdrawals:

  • Credit card / debit card, and
  • Wire transfer.

Here is what you have to know.

Credit card / debit card withdrawals are limited
To comply with anti-money-laundering legislation, EmpireOption limits credit card / debit card withdrawals to the amount you deposited with the exact the same credit card / debit card. The reason for this policy is that criminals often use only banking services to make repeated deposits and withdrawals with multiple credit cards to launder the money they made with their crimes. By limiting credit cards withdrawals to the money deposited with the same card, EmpireOption prevents such misuse of their service.

For you, this means that you have to plan ahead. If you plan to withdraw money via credit card, you also have to deposit money via credit card. Since every broker has to employ a similar policy, this is something you have to get used to.

Withdrawal fees depending on your account
One of the disadvantages of EmpireOption is that they charge a fee for withdrawals. These fees range from $30 for traders with the micro account, EmpireOption’s lowest account type, to $10 for traders with the preferential account, EmpireOption’s second highest account type. Withdrawals with the empire VIP account, EmpireOption’s highest account type, are free.

This policy means that you will have to pay for every single withdrawal that you make with EmpireOption unless you have the highest account type, which only few traders can afford.

While such a policy is definitely a disadvantage, you can still make the most of it by planning ahead. Develop a schedule that helps you minimize your withdrawals, and prefer fewer larger withdrawals over many small withdrawals. If EmpireOption is the perfect broker for you, paying a $30 fee or less is definitely worth the money.

EmpireOption security

EmpireOption security

Security is an important aspect of binary options trading. The worst thing that could happen to any trader is that someone steals their money.

To prevent such a tragedy, EmpireOption decided to fight the evil at its root. Since EmpireOption can never guarantee that nobody steals your password – someone might find the piece of paper on which you wrote your login information – EmpireOption employs two thorough security mechanism that keeps your money 100 percent save.

The first of these mechanisms is EmpireOption’s withdrawal policy. Money in your account can only be withdrawn to two destinations:

  1. The credit card you deposited your money with.
  2. A bank account in your name.

This means, even if someone stole your password, they would be unable to withdraw your money to their account – the password would be useless to them.

There is, however, a small loophole: criminals could target traders with the same name and then withdraw the money to their bank accounts, which would be in the same name as your account. To prevent such a theft, EmpireOption asks every trader to provide pictures of your ID and proof of residence. Since only you have these documents, only you can withdraw money from your account.

While every single trustworthy binary options broker employs similar security features, they are nonetheless highly effective. With EmpireOption, you can be 100 percent sure that nobody steals your money.


EmpireOption is a high-potential binary options broker that combines a number of important aspects to put traders in the perfect position to make money.

  • With the EmpireOption demo, you can learn every aspect of binary options trading in a risk-free environment.
  • With the high payouts of empireoption’s high / low options, you can make more money than with any other asset from any other broker.
  • If you prefer a high-risk/high-reward type of trading, EmpireOption offers turbo options with a similarly high payout as high / low options but much shorter expiries, which enables you to finish more trades in a shorter amount of time, thereby increasing your winning percentage tremendously.

This setup is perfect. You can test EmpireOption risk-free, you can learn everything you need to without losing a single Cent, and once you are a well-versed trader, you can trade the most powerful binary options types in the world. This is the fast lane to success.

If you want to take the fast lane to success now, we suggest you follow one of our links and sign up with EmpireOption now!

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