ETX Capital 2017

ETX CapitalRating 4.5/5
ETX Capital
  • Return up to:100%
  • Min. Invest:$10
  • Min. Deposit:$100
  • Demo Account:Yes
  • Livechat:No

ETX Capital is one of the most award-winning binary options broker. Combining industry-leading payouts of up to 100 percent with multi-platform support and easy handling, ETX Capital offers a high-potential platform for your trading success.

Payouts of up to 100 percent

Payouts of up to 100 percent

With payouts of up to 100 percent, ETX Capital has introduced a game changer. So far, most brokers limited traders to payouts of up to 85 percent, with some brokers offering special rewards programs to increase potential payouts to 90 percent.

ETX Capital makes all of these offers look bad. With payouts of up to 100 percent, it is effectively impossible to lose money with ETX Capital. Since binary options offer only two options of what can happen (rising prices of falling prices), you would even win 50 percent of your trades if you guessed what will happen. This is why all other brokers only offer payouts of up to 90 percent, requiring you to do more than guess the direction.

With ETX Capital, on the hand, the worst-case scenario resembles a coin flip: you win as much as you lose. If you enough about the market to win even a little more than 50 percent of your trades, however, you will start earning money with ETX Capital. This is the perfect environment to start a successful trading career – why would anybody refuse such an incredible offer?

Award winning

ETX Capital has won some of the industry’s most prestigious award. Taking home the Money AM Award 2012 for Best Online Charts, the Investment Trends Award 2013 for Best Value for Money, and the UK Forex Award 2013 for Best Forex Trading Tool & Software, ETX Capital has proven that it offers a convincing service in all fields.

Authorized and Regulated

Authorized and Regulated

ETX Capital is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. Where most binary options brokers either refuse to allow government regulation or opt for the much more laissez-faire regulations of other countries, the broker’s Financial Services Number 124721 guarantees you that the British empire is watching over the security of your investments – it is tough to get a better partner.

Support of multiple trading styles

Aside from binary options, ETX Capital also offers forex, CFD, equity, commodity, and index trading. Based on the Meta Trader platform and the in-house development TraderPro, the broker presents the trader with two professional tools to expand their investments beyond binary options. If you like to type multiple investment types, ETX Capital is the ideal broker to combine all your trading in one place.

Supporting a variety of platforms

ETX Capital uses the ETX Binary platform for binary options trading. The platform is available over the internet but also as an app for Android and Apple devices.

Binary option types and assets

Binary option types and assets

ETX Capital offer four types of binary options:

  • High / low options,
  • Binary one touch,
  • Long Term and Short Term Trades, and
  • Pair trading.

High / low options allow you to predict whether the prices of an asset will rise or fall over a given period of time, one touch options allow you to predict whether the market will reach a pre-defined price level in a given period of time, and long-term trading and short term trading allows you to invest in ultra-short time frames of 60 seconds and long time frames of up to one day. With pair trading, you can invest in two currency in relation to each other

With these option types, you can invest in currencies, commodities, indices, and stocks. To be able to adapt to a constantly changing market environment, ETX Capital refuses to publish a fixed list of available assets. We applaud this decision, as it makes sure that you always get the best assets to invest in with binary options.


Getting started with ETX Capital is quick and easy. Simply click the link we provided for you, fill out the form with some very basic personal information, and deposit some money in your account. If you deposit money via credit card, your fund are booked to your account instantly and you can start trading within a few minutes.

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