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RBinaryRating 4/5
  • Return up to:90%
  • Min. Invest:$10
  • Min. Deposit:$250
  • Demo Account:Yes
  • Livechat:Yes

Old RBINARY option review

Old RBINARY option review

This broker doesn’t accept new customers. Did you try with HighLow?

With 12 years of experience and over 18,000 clients from 49 countries, RBinary is one of the binary options brokers with the proudest history. Reason enough for us to test all aspects of RBinary’s business and let you know whether you should consider signing up with them, too.

In our RBinary review, we will take a look at these aspects of RBinary’s business:

  • RBinary features,
  • RBinary assets & binary options types,
  • RBinary banking, and
  • RBinary security.

Once we have analyzed these aspects of RBinary’s business, you will know everything you need to know to decide whether to sign up with RBinary or not.

RBinary features

RBinary offers a number of features that make the broker a great partner for some traders. Let’s look at these features one by one and see which types of traders can profit from them the most.

iFollow options make social trading easy
In the binary options world, social trading is all the hype. Social trading allows traders to copy the trades of other traders into their account as if they were their own. With this setup, social trading allows every trader to make money with binary options, even if they are a complete newcomer to the trading scene.

Instead of having to spend years to master the nuances of market analysis, social trading can help you to make money if you only know how to pick a successful trader to follow.

With RBinary’s iFollow options, this should be easy. RBinary displays all available traders that you can follow in one convenient list. The list shows each trader’s name, home country, ROI and winning percentage. From this list, especially the winning percentage and the ROI should provide you with a good indication for which traders you can trust.

  • The winning percentage indicates which percentage of trades a trader has won. With a winning percentage of 80 percent, for example, a trader has won 8 out of 10 trade.
  • ROI is short for return on investment and indicates how much profit a trader makes. For example, an ROI of 300 percent means that a trader has tripled their money over the selected time period. If the trader started with $10, they now have $30.

We recommend to monitor the list for a few days and find the traders that continually rank among the best traders. If a trader manages to win 80 percent of their trades for one week, you might want to think about following them, because they are likely to keep winning enough trades to make you money.

For each trader that you follow, you can select how much you want to invest in a single trade, how long you want to follow them, and after how many losses you want to stop following them. With these settings, you can adjust the trader’s trading style to your account balance and risk tolerance, and you can use the stop loss feature to avoid being dragged on a losing streak.

All in all, RBinary’s iFollow options provide every trade with an easy way to get started with binary options. Instead of having to suffer through initial losses and rookie mistakes, you can make money from the start. If you analyze the trades your followed traders make, you will also learn how to think like a professional, and you will get a free education – what more could anyone ask for? iFollow options make RBinary a great place for newcomers.

A rare deposit-free demo allows you to test binary options risk-free

RBinary is one of only two brokers that offer a deposit-free demo account. Such a feature is a great help for newcomers who want to test binary options without having to invest a lot of money.

Binary options demos, in general, are accounts that allow you to trade with play money instead of real money. For newcomers, demos are a great tool to test whether they have what it takes to trade binary options successfully and to learn which strategy they prefer and how to make money.

The problem with most demo accounts is that the almost all brokers require making a deposit to get their demos. These brokers offer their demos as features of their regular accounts, and to get a regular account, you have to deposit a substantial amount of money, mostly at least $250, often even $500 or more.

This requirement poses a dilemma to newcomers. These traders want to test whether it makes sense for them to invest money in binary options, but in order to be able to test binary options, they already have to make an investment. That makes no sense.

RBinary does a better job. You can get their demo as a stand-alone account, which means that you can register for their demo without having to register for a regular account. Consequently, there is no need to deposit money. Simply enter your email and choose a password, and you can start trading with your demo.

With this offer, RBinary puts newcomers in the position they always wanted to be in. They can test binary options for free, and if they find that they can make money with binary options, they have found their way to financial independence. If not, they have not lost a single Cent. Either way, without having to make an investment prior to using the demo, newcomers can only win with RBinary.

Money back guarantee

Money back guarantee

RBinary is the only broker that offers you a money back guarantee. If you sign up for their service but are unsatisfied with the trading environment you encounter, RBinary will give you all your money back. Such a policy is a great security blanket that no other broker can match.

RBinary assets & binary options types
Aside from iFollow options, which we already talked about, RBinary offers these binary options types:

  • Digital options: RBinary calls their high / low options digital options. The principle is the same as with any broker, though: You predict whether an asset’s price will rise or fall over a given period of time, and if you are right, you get a payout of up to 90 percent.
  • Touch options: Touch options or, as many brokers call them, one touch options allow you to earn a high payout by predicting whether the market will reach a specific target price at least once. Since this target price is relatively far away, this is the right option type for traders who prefer a high risk / high reward trading style. Since the market does not have to remain at the target price and one short touch is enough, you do have a good chance of winning a touch option in the right situation.
  • Range options: Range options are a mix of one touch options and high / low options, allowing you to predict whether the market will trade in a range above or below the current market price. With this model, range options fill the gap between one touch options and high / low options, both in terms of risk and in terms of payouts.
  • Turbo options: Turbo options is RBinary’s name for what most other brokers call 60 seconds option. With turbo options, RBinary allows you to trade high / low options with ultra-short expiries from 30 seconds to 300 seconds. Enabling you to place more trades in the same amount of time than any other options type, RBinary’s turbo options allow you to make more money in the same period of time, but also require you to trade in a nervous, fast-paced market environment, which is not for everyone.
  • Forex options: RBinary has made their forex-based options into their own category. This is a reasonable approach since currencies are always traded in pairs, not as single assets like commodities, stocks, and indices. If you like this approach, try RBinary’s forex options.

With this selection of binary options, RBinary offers the right tool for every trader.

  • Digital options, touch options, and range options provide you with three tools that combine to allow for every combination of risk and reward a trader could want.
  • With turbo options, RBinary offers the right tool for those traders who want to make money as quickly as possible.
  • Forex options are ideal for traders who like pair options.
  • iFollow options are ideal for newcomers and traders who want to invest as little time as possible.

RBinary banking

RBinary offers three deposit methods:

  1. Credit card / debit card,
  2. Online payment providers, and
  3. Wire transfer.

Of these three methods, credit card / debit card and wire transfer are also available for withdrawals.

To perfect your banking with RBinary, there are a few more things you should know:

  • Wire transfer is the slowest deposit and withdrawal method. While deposits via online payment provider and credit card / debit card are immediately booked to your account, wire transfer deposits take at least two days to process. Similarly, wire transfer withdrawals take at least two days longer than credit card withdrawals. Depending on where you live and the customs of your bank and your country, wire transfer deposits and withdrawals might even take much longer.
  • You can only withdraw money via credit card that you deposited with the same credit card. For the other two deposit methods, there is no such restriction. That means, if you want to keep yourself the option of withdrawing money via credit card open, you should deposit via credit card, or you will be forced to withdraw money via wire transfer.
  • For wire transfers, you can only withdraw money to a bank account in your name. So plan ahead.

Consequently, we recommend you deposit money with RBinary always by credit card, and keep your options open.

RBinary security

Security might be the most important aspect in choosing a broker. Without a secure, trustworthy business, the best profits are useless because they might get stolen. RBinary does their best to keep your money safe. The result is as close to 100 percent security as you can get online.

RBinary employs these security features:

  • SSL encryption: With RBinary, all transmission between you and their trading platform are encrypted with the SSL standard. This is the safest encryption tool the web has to offer and guarantees that nobody can intercept your data.
  • Thorough validation process: Before someone can withdraw money from your account with a credit card or bank account you have never used before, this person must provide pictures of your ID, proof of residence, and the credit card being used (if the withdrawal is by credit card). Since only you can provide all of these documents, you can be absolutely sure that nobody can steal money from your account.

How to get started with RBinary

If RBinary sounds like a broker you want to trade with, you should consider signing up with them – it could not be easier. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Follow one of our links to the RBinary signup form.
  2. Fill out the RBinary signup form.
  3. Deposit money into your account.

That’s it. Fill out the form, and you have an account. Deposit money into your account, and you can start trading. If you use credit card / debit card deposit, you will be able to start trading within five minutes.



RBinary is a great broker, especially for new traders. Combining a deposit-free demo with easy-to-use iFollow options, RBinary puts everyone in the perfect position to trade successfully, even if they are completely new to binary options.

Additionally, every aspect of RBinary’s service satisfies similarly high quality standards. You get the right binary options type for everything you are trying to do, the right assets from all over the world, and high-quality security measures. This combination leaves few things to be desired, and if you want a trustworthy binary options partner at your side, RBinary is definitely worth a try.

If you like what you read about RBinary, sign up with them now!

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