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TradoraxRating 5/5
  • Return up to:85%
  • Min. Invest:$25
  • Min. Deposit:$250
  • Demo Account:No
  • Livechat:Yes

tradorax offers the highest bonus of all binary options brokers – up to 200%. Aside from tripling your deposited money, tradorax also offers some of the highest average payouts, 4 powerful account types, and easy-to-use mobile apps.

tradorax features

Below we will go through the most importent features you need to know about when you decide to trade with tradorax.

High payouts – regularly get 85 percent payout

When it comes to payouts, tradorax follows a unique approach. Where most brokers try to woo new customers by advertising high maximum payouts but regularly only provide much lower payouts, tradorax does the exact opposite.

tradorax advertises payouts of up to 85 percent and regularly provides payouts of up to 85 percent. While this strategy is considerably less attention grabbing than what many other brokers do, it allows you to get higher payouts than with most of tradorax’ competitors.

If you want to become a successful trader, tradorax’ approach provides you with a better basis for long term success than huge promised payouts that you never get.

Welcome bonus of up to 200 percent

Welcome bonus of up to 200 percent

When you sign up, you get a free gift. Depending on how much money you deposit into your account, you get a bonus of up to 200 percent. If you deposit $10,000 in your account, for example, a 200 percent bonus would get you a final account balance of $30,000.

Such an offer is unique among binary options brokers. While most brokers offer deposit bonuses, even a 150 percent bonus was previously considered a sensation in the binary options world, with most brokers failing to even exceed the 100 percent mark on their bonuses.

By offering a bonus that more than doubles what other brokers offer, tradorax puts you into a unique high-potential position to start your trading career. Especially traders who are new to binary options and still short on investment capital should seize this opportunity to get the much needed capital boost that allows them to make some mistakes during the initial learning phase.

4 tradorax ccount Types

To present every trader with the ideal service for their unique needs, tradorax offers four different account types (mini, silver, gold, and VIP). Each account type provides different advantages such as Education Center Access extra payouts for every trade, a personal broker, trading lessons, trading signals, a cash back bonus or risk-free trades.

With this selection of account types, tradorax exceeds the offers of most its competitors. A cash back of up to 2 percent and an extra payout of up to 4 percent can combine to extra earnings of up to 6 percent per trade, adding to tradorax’ already high payouts. At an average of 6 trades a day, and extra 6 percent payout would increase your weekly profits by more than 200 percent.

Equally significantly, every account includes two invaluable features: a personal account manager and access to the education center.

Unsurpassed mobility

If you want to trade on the go, tradorax offers the ideal service for you. Offering mobile trading apps for both Android and Apple devices, tradorax allows you to turn every waiting period and every traffic jam into a profitable trading opportunity.

Trustworthy service

Trustworthy service

With tradorax, you always get what you signed up for. There is no spread, no commissions, and no leverage, and the displayed prices are always accurate.

Additionally, tradorax puts a strong focus security. Using the market-leading 256 bit SSL encryption technology on every aspect of their website, tradorax makes sure that nobody can intercept your transmissions. With the True-Site identity assurance seal, McAfee (HackerSafe), and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) in place to protect your data, tradorax’ service is as safe as Fort Knox. Your financial transactions are all handled by Level 1 PCI certified international payment service providers.

Forex trading supporting

In addition to binary options, tradorax also offers forex trading. If you are one of the many binary options traders that likes to invest in forex, tradorax presents you with the perfect opportunity to do all your trading with the same broker.

Binary Option types & assets

Binary Option types & assets

tradorax offers three binary option types:

  1. High / low options: The classic binary options type allows you to predict whether an asset will rise or fall over a given period of time.
  2. One touch option: A more risky binary option type, one touch options allow you to predict whether an asset’s price will reach a certain price level over a given period of time.
  3. Boundary options: A medium-risk option type, boundary options allow you to predict whether an asset’s price will stay inside a predefined price channel or not.

With these option types, you can trade currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices. Not publishing a fixed list of assets, tradorax keeps its option, always being able to present you with the best assets to invest in binary options.

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